Tuesday Tips { The Wedding Weekend }

Having a wedding weekend is a great way to make getting married event more memorable. You’ll get to spend time with friends and family, and catch up with people you haven’t seen in while {those out-of-towners}. Here are a few quick tips on creating a fun-filled and memorable wedding weekend:

  • Plan lots of events {but not too many} – don’t completely fill up your guests’ itineraries with an event each morning and night. If you’re having a destination wedding, guests are going to want to explore the location and spend some time relaxing too. Try to limit yourself to a few, well-chosen events. You could even think about setting up a couple of different events each day, but making them optional.
  • Avoid dangerous activities – this one is kind of a no-brainer, but activities like rock climbing or paintballing may not be the best choice for wedding weekend fun. There is just way to much risk involved {scraped arms and not so pretty welts & bruises}. Things like brunches, winery tours, and movie nights are some fun {and safe} options.
  • Wear sunscreen – who wants ugly tan lines from a tank top on wedding day!?
  • Try not to stay out all night – lack of sleep {and too many cocktails} makes for a pretty grumpy bridal party…

Tidbits & Tips { Bridal Beauty Timeline }

Having flawless skin is not easy, so here are a few quick tips to help get your skin prepped and glowing for the big day!

6 Months: Start a Daily Cleansing Program

  • Use a gentle, non drying cleanser.
  • Follow up with an alcohol free toner {helps to minimize pores}.
  • Moisturize!

3 Months: Up your Antioxidant Intake

  • Add beauty boosting power foods to your diet {like berries, purple grapes, citrus fruits, etc.}

1 Week: Prevent Blemishes

  • Exfoliation is key to keep skin clear.
  • Get a facial – make sure not to do this the day before. How awful would it be if it irritated your skin too much! No one wants to be blotchy on their wedding day…
  • Get lots of sleetp!!!
  • Drink lots of water.

Wedding Day: De-puff & Control Shine

  • Keep shine to a minimum by blotting skin with a tissue.
  • If you wake up feeling puffy, try refrigerating your skin care products. The cool temperatures will keep skin calm and soothed.