The Search for Inspiration

Design is one of my favorite aspects of wedding planning. I love flipping through linen books, playing with color combos, and searching for the perfect decor details. If you’re on the hunt for some design inspiration, below are a few great places to start:

    Your lifestyle – Don’t underestimate how much inspiration you can draw from your own life. Your home is a good reflection of your personality, so it’s a great place to start for wedding inspiration! Think about the colors, textures, and fabrics used in your home along with your favorite decor pieces.

  • Design trends – Look to the worlds of fashion and interior design for ideas. Both are a great place to find fresh conceptual ideas that can be incorporated into weddings.
  • Window shop – Major department stores always have creative and innovative displays that can spark some pretty awesome ideas =)
  • Other weddings – the most obvious place to search for wedding inspiration is other weddings. Magazines, blogs, and pinterest provide tons of images that will help get the design ball rolling.
  • The venue – Think about the architecture and decor at your selected venue and use that for inspiration!