Tuesday Tips { Inviting the "Plus One" }

Yesterday we offer some advice on which wedding guests should get a “plus one.” So, today we’re sharing a few tips on how to go about inviting those “plus one” guests =)

  • If you’re inviting a guest that’s married, or living with a significant other, a single invitation should be sent and addressed to both of them.
  • Separate invites should be sent to couples {engaged or in long term relationships} that are not currently sharing the same residence.
  • If you are allowing “plus ones,” try to find out the name of your guest’s intended date. It’s always a nice gesture to include their name on the invitation instead of “and guest.”
  • If you want to allow “plus ones” but aren’t sure who your guest will bring, simply stating “and guest” on their invite allows them to bring anyone of their choosing.

Tidbits & Tips {Who Gets a Plus One?}

What’s the rule on allowing your wedding guests to bring a guest of their own? While you don’t have to allow everyone to bring a guest, make sure you stick to the following:

  • Anyone who is married gets a plus one {even if you don’t know their spouse}.
  • Couples who are engaged.
  • Couples who are living together.
  • Any guest who’s had a steady significant other for quite some time.

Tuesday Tips { 3 Ways to Get Organized }

Staying organized while planning a wedding can be a bit tricky – there are so many details to stay on top of, and while a wedding planner {like us} will take on a large part of the organization, it always helps to have your own way of tracking things:

  • Binders – our team is obsessed with binders! They can be customized with tabs based on your needs {contracts, calendars, to do lists}, and they keep all the important details in one place.
  • Portfolios – if you don’t like traditional binders, a portable filing system {or portfolio} may be the way to go. You can even create your own with a cute tote, some filing folders, and labels.
  • Google Docs {or other online sharing site} – this is a great way to store documents if they need to be easily accessible to other people. Info stays consolidated and organized, plus docs can be viewed from just about anywhere.