Favorite Friday | Beer Bars

This is seriously the {best} beverage station I’ve ever seen! Now I don’t drink, but I have to admit that this “beer bar” is perfect for a rustic style celebration.

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Planning Myths | Orlando Wedding Planner

There are literally hundreds of wedding planning myths floating around out there, and RW Events is here to debunk some of those.

  • The dress is the first item that needs to be purchased – this is kind of true, but as long as you’ve got at least 6 months before the wedding, picking out the perfect gown can wait a bit.
  • You can choose a venue just by looking online – wrong!!! Even if you’re planning a destination wedding, it’s super important that someone sees the venue in person {whether that’s you or a family member/friend}. It’s much easier to determine the pros and cons of a venue when you can actually walk the space.
  • It’s okay to hire friends + family as your vendors – sometimes this works out if they’re actually a professional vendor. If you have a friend that just likes to take photos or someone that likes to DJ for fun, please consider hiring a professional {that goes for all vendors}. Plus, wouldn’t you rather be celebrating with them?
  • The guest list can wait – this is one of the first things you should do! It doesn’t have to be a final list, but having a rough count list will help you find a venue and determine your budget.
  • You have to pick a date before looking for venues – while it always helps to have a particular month or two that you’re interested in, determining the date before looking for venues can actually hinder your search. Wedding venues tend to book pretty far in advance, so being open to various dates helps if you’ve already got your heart set on a particular location.

Tidbits & Tips | Rehearsals 101

Running a rehearsal can be a bit tricky {especially if you haven’t hire a planner}, so here are a few quick tips to get things running smoothly!

  • Encourage your parents + wedding party to attend – all wedding ceremonies are not the same, so even if they’ve been in a ceremony before, encourage them to attend your rehearsal. Plus it’s a great opportunity to spend time with close friends + family before the wedding!
  • Choose the order – the first thing to discuss is whether or not the officiant will walk down the aisle. Then you’ve got to decide on the order of grandparents, parents, and then the groomsmen + bridesmaids.
  • Have the officiant run through the ceremony – make sure the officiant goes through any readings or presentations that you want as part of the ceremony. Sometimes things change last minute, so it’s important to make sure everyone is on the same page.
  • Practice makes perfect – running through the processional + processional once is usually enough, but don’t worry if you need to run through it again. It’s better to practice a few times than to have delays or confusion on wedding day.

Oscar De La Renta

How stunning is this gown! Michelle Dockery donned this Oscar De La Renta number at the 2014 Golden Globes, and I have to say that I’m a huge fan of the hemline! How fab would this gown be {in white of course} with a bold colored shoe on wedding day!?

Michelle Dockery in Oscar De La Renta

Simple + Elegant

How perfect is this centerpiece!? I love how delicate the vases are, plus how the couple incorporated a variety of florals + textures.

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Tuesday Tips | Anniversaries

We have a LOT of couples with anniversaries in the next few months, so today I’m sharing some traditional anniversary gift ideas with you =)


  • 1st – Paper {I love the idea of a romantic, hand-written love note}
  • 2nd – Cotton {a fluffy robe or monogrammed bath towels are a great choice for 2nd anniversaries}
  • 3rd – Leather {maybe a leather jacket for him and some fabulous shoes for her!}
  • 4th – Fruit & Flowers {re-create her bridal bouquet and pack up some fresh fruits + cheeses for a romantic picnic}
  • 5th – Wood {think a gorgeous rocker for the front porch or a vintage wooden trunk for storage}

Pantone + Dessy

These Pantone chiplette packets are seriously the best thing since sliced bread! They’ve paired up with Dessy to offer these swatches that help you choose the perfect color palette for your wedding. You can order a single color family {to find that perfect shade of blue}, or if you’ve already selected your color you can order a pack of 6 chiplettes to share with your bridesmaids + vendors. Head over to the Dessy website for more info!

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Mira Zwillinger

Not til recently had I heard of designer Mira Zwillinger – and boy was I missing out! She has some absolutely {beautiful} designs and even features a few for brides that want something a bit edgier!

Mira Zwillinger Gowns

Trendy Thursday {Cayenne}

I am completely obsessed with Pantone’s 2014 color, Cayenne! It’s bold enough for a summer wedding, but would also be gorgeous at a spring soiree. I’m dying to use it at a wedding, but for now I’ll have to settle for drooling over it in this inspiration board =)

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Tuesday Tips {What’s Your Style?}

Choosing a wedding style can be a major undertaking, so here are a few quick tips to get you started on the right foot =)

  • Take inspiration from things you like – look at the items in your home + closet. Maybe you have a beautiful set of china that you’d like to incorporate, or a fun pattern on your bed spread or drapes!
  • What do you like to do? – if you + your fiance love spending time in the outdoors, consider hosting a fun al fresco event! Or if you love antiques, think about doing a wedding with all sorts of vintage furniture and decor. Or if you’re like me and love all things traditional, consider a romantic indoor space with lots of pretty china and flowers =)
  • Look at your playlists – what sort of music do you listen to most? Do you love classic oldies or something more modern? Maybe you listen to all sorts of genres… the music you select will give a certain vibe during the reception, which may help you plan out decor.

Tidbits & Tips {Engagement Rings}

I could seriously look at engagement rings all day! Trying on different shapes, sizes, and colors and watching them sparkle just makes me giddy =) But one thing couples don’t always think about is insuring that gorgeous stone! If you’re like me and have a tendency to misplace small objects, then this post is definitely for you! Check out some of my tips for finding the perfect insurance to cover your wedding ring:

  • How to insure a ring – many renters/homeowners policies will allow you to purchase an extension {a.k.a. a rider} to cover particular items such as fine jewelry. You can also use a separate company that specializes in jewelry insurance, like Jewelers Mutual. Just make to sure to keep any receipts and appraisals!
  • What you need to know – make sure you find out answers to these questions before deciding on a plan: is the ring covered if you lose it accidentally, or only if it’s stolen? How does the company replace the ring? Is the ring insured to the full cost? How do you go about making a claim? Are there any situations in which the ring would not be covered?
  • How much it costs – it’s typically around $2 for every $100 that it would cost to replace a ring. So if your ring cost $2,500 to replace, you’d pay about $50 per year to insure it.

Favorite Friday {Vacations}

Well, we’re off! The RW Events gals are taking a quick vacation to Santa Rosa Beach, and we can’t wait to do some exploring =) For all you beach lovers, Santa Rosa Beach is super close to Destin, which offers some of the most gorgeous beaches + resorts that are perfect for a honeymoon or romantic weekend getaway! Check out my top pick below!

Watercolor Resort
Water Color Resort
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Giveaway Alert!!!

Hi, faithful readers! Our {amazing} photographer friends at ArtPhotoSoul are hosting a fabulous giveaway on their blog this week! They’re giving away FREE wedding photography to one lucky couple, so make sure you check it out! The contest ends on January 10th, so head over to their blog {here} for more info =)

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Tuesday Tips {Dress for Success}

Last October we got to work with beautiful bride, Leah, and we wanted to share some of her tips for finding the perfect wedding dress =)

  • Take the time to find images of styles, shapes, shades, and details you are drawn to – Whether you have a Pinterest board or you’ve dog-eared magazine pages… a bridal stylist will want visuals of what you are looking for so they can do the best job to find the physical versions. This will also help you find what you don’t like, which helps you weed-out any look that could potentially muddy the waters of your dream. There can be “too much of a good thing.”
  • Find a bridal salon that cares about you as a person, as a bride, and as a client they want to impress and support – I cannot express this one enough. I had a phenomenal experience from my salon, Solutions Bridal, from the initial phone call. The phone call!!! They asked questions to get to know me and my dress-shopping-posse’, right out the gate. I promise you whether you find the dress of your dreams the first time, or you are still seeking that “this is the one” feeling, start your search off on the right foot with professionals. At the very least it sets the tone of the type of treatment, care, and attention you deserve.
  • Pick your posse’ and know them well – Make this an experience for you and for the people in your life you want to bring to the gown-finding experience. Respect the people you bring into this inner-circle for the perspective you know they will give. On that same note, do not let their opinions bull-doze your own. If you are not sharing in the cost of your gown then seek to find a happy medium between the ideas of the one who carries the purse strings and what dress will make you feel comfortable and excited on your big day. Emotions can rise, cost is never a fun game to play (especially when it doesn’t match with taste) and everyone wants to be heard because they love you. (this goes for picking your wedding party too!)
  • Speak up – Guess who gets to wear this gown? Guess who has to be immortalized in pictures with it? Guess who wants to radiate and feel special on their wedding day? Yeah, the bride does. So as a bride-to-be, you need to speak up. This means communicating with your bridal stylist, your posse’, and most of all yourself to find what it is you are truly looking for in a dress, in an experience, and in a support team. Only you can unlock those thoughts and expectations so do so clearly and gently. It’s called being honest not blunt.
  • Take the pressure of perfection off – Social media can be a blessing and a curse for comparison. All of those images and magazine clippings, and editorial shoots fail to mention the cost, stress, and often unrealistic impressions those images create in real-life. Budget or no-budget the dress is a beautiful part of the day but not the end-all-be-all. If you go into the process being realistic to your wedding parameters then the process can happen naturally and more beautifully than forcing a vision that is not in your realm of possibility.
  • Be grateful and gracious – You are embarking on a truly unique and special season of your life that most have yet to experience. Slow down and take in these moments to truly be a bride-to-be. Explore. Learn about yourself and your relationships. There will be a lot of eyes on you and your reactions during this process. I promise an outlook of gratitude will bring you spectacular vendors and unadulterated help that comes purely from love and support. Law of attraction is a benefit or a downfall for any bride.
  • Celebrate your partner in this wonderful journey. – Take moments to step away from the intensity of planning, family dynamics, and seating charts. Go for date nights, rent a movie (non-wedding and romance themed) and look to your partner as a partner. It can be the best way to enjoy the ride that is planning a wedding. After all, they’re the ones accompanying you in your next steps. In turn, this joy and connection will show in whatever wedding dress you wear. Embrace and enjoy the experience!
  • Check out photos of Leah’s gorgeous dress {and wedding shots} here!

    Amalie Orrange Photography

    Photo: Amalie Orrange Photography

Tidbits & Tips {Advice for the Newly Engaged}

Happy Monday, everyone! Our team had an {awesome} weekend full of weddings and our first bridal show of the year! We met so many newly engaged couples, so today I wanted to share a few wedding planning tips for you =)

  • Go to pre-marital counseling – marriage is probably the biggest commitment you’ll ever make, and should be considered carefully. A counselor will help you plan for your new life together {including children, finances, etc.}.
  • Continue to date – just because you’re engaged doesn’t mean you can’t still date =) Take turn planning fun and simple dates to help keep the relationship fresh!
  • Limit social media – I know sharing details of the big day is tons of fun, but it can also open you up to all sorts of unsolicited opinions and advice. It can also be a bit awkward if friends {like on Facebook} see all those fun details and then aren’t invited to the wedding.
  • Learn to rely on each other – planning a wedding is a good lesson in working together + trusting each other. When challenges arise, try to talk through your difference with each other instead of running to your friends or family. Remember that your fiance loves you and wants to help + support you!

Trendy Thursday {2014 At a Glance}

A new year always brings new trends in the wedding world and we’re so excited to see what pops up! Some trends we’re excited to see more of {they started late in 2013} are geometric patterns, marbleized details, and old world opulence {this is totally my favorite – I adore all the gorgeous sparkly details}.

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