Vintage Books

We’ve been getting so many requests from couples wanting to feature vintage books in their wedding decor, but aren’t quite sure how to do it. One of our favorite ways is on a mantle or used in centerpieces {you can even use names of your favorites as table numbers}.

Vintage Guest Sign In Display with Book DecorVintage Mantle Display with Books and Gold Shutters

Tips to looking flawless on your wedding day

As you are marking off your wedding To-Do list don’t forget about your beauty routine. Here are a few tips to keep in mind:

  • Give your skin lots of love! Cleanse, moisturize and repeat everyday. Too tired? Make sure to at least use a makeup wipe to take off makeup and excess dirt and oil.
  • Exfoliate at least 1-2 a week. Getting rid of the dead skin will allow for your cleanser to do its job.
  • Get your SPF on! Make sure to use a day moisturizer that contains SPF in order to protect your skin. What girl likes wrinkles?!
  • Water, Water and more Water. Need we say more?
  • Facials are great but avoid getting one the week of your wedding, giving your skin time to bounce back.

bridal beauty

Fall Wedding Inspiration

I know that summer officially started just a few days ago, but fall will be here before you know it! We’re getting a head start on our fall weddings, and thought we’d share some autumn inspiration with you. We love all the rich colors that come with the season {think deep reds, purples, and gold accents} and the hearty food we get to enjoy with the cooler weather.

Fall Wedding Centerpiece

Floral: Lee Forrest Design
Signature Wedding Drink ll Apple Cider White SangriaWooden Mantle DisplayVintage China & Glassware
Photos: Wings of Glory Photography

Unique Save-the-Dates

How great would it be to have a save-the-date hand delivered to your door with a bottle of bubbly!? This is the perfect idea for couples having a more intimate event {you don’t want to deliver 100+ of these, right?}, and that want something other than standard stationery for their save-the-dates.

Champagne Bottle Save the Dates

Photo: KT Merry Photography

Wedding Woes || Too Many Guests

I feel for all the brides out there with huge guest lists. I have a pretty large family, though not as large as some, so I understand how difficult it can be to shorten your list. Here are a few quick tips to help you decide who to keep and who to cut:

  • Only invite current friends – fortunately, I only have a small handful of close friends that I’d invite to my wedding. My rule of thumb – if you haven’t seen/spoken to them in over a year, chances are you probably weren’t as great of friends as you thought.
  • Don’t feel obligated to invite someone because they invited you, especially if it was more than a year ago.
  • Create an “A List” and a “B List” – your “A” list should include anyone that must be invited {family, close friends, etc.}. The “B” list includes people you want to invite, but may not have room for. Once you start getting “no” responses from you “A” list, then you can start sending out the “B” list invites =)
  • Limit your “plus ones” – it’s courteous to extend a “plus one” to anybody that lives with or has been with their significant other for quite some time. If your best friend {or any guest for that matter} starts dating someone just before your wedding, it’s fine to not extend a “plus one” to them.
  • Have a destination wedding – this is the best way to limit your guest count. If you really have your heart set on a small, intimate wedding, consider a location that neither side of the family lives in.

Destination Wedding Boarding Pass Invitations

Photo: Etsy

Be My Bridesmaid?

I could seriously do DIY projects all day long, so these adorable “Will You Be My Bridesmaid?” boxes are right up my alley! All you need are some decorative boxes {check your local Michael’s or Hobby Lobby}, a few pretty bobbles {maybe a pretty bracelet or necklace, swatches for your color palette, and anything else you want to include}, and a handwritten note, emphasis on the handwritten part =)

"Be My Bridesmaid?" Box

Photo: Via Pinterest

Pink + Purple Inspiration

Are these not some of the prettiest flowers you’ve ever seen!? This {gorgeous} arrangement incorporates tulips {one of my favorite flowers}, roses, calcinia, sweet pea {smells oh so wonderful}, and mulit-colored ranunculus.

Pink and White Vintage Inspired Floral Centerpiece

KT Merry Photography

Warehouse Wednesdays

We talked about this a bit yesterday, but did you know that every Wednesday this month our stylist, Katie, is hosting an open house at our {awesome} warehouse? It’s the perfect opportunity for brides + grooms to see all our {fabulous} pieces and chat with us about their wedding =)

Warehouse Wednesdays at RW Events

Meet the Couples | Upholstered Chairs

Looking for vintage rentals? We absolutely adore couples who are madly in love and just can’t be apart from each other! These lovebirds would be stunning at your sweetheart table or seating area. Don’t you agree?!

Meet these couples and their friends every Wednesday in June at our Warehouse from 10-2pm {appts available too!}

vintage weddings


Vintage Weddings


Vintage weddings

Vintage weddings


Addressing Your Invites

Figuring out the proper titles for all your guests can be a major headache, so here are a few tips to help you address all those wedding invites properly:

  • Married couple – it’s proper to use Mr. & Mrs. {Insert husband’s first + last name}. If you want to include the husband’s middle name, be sure to spell it out entirely, no initials.
  • Single ladies – their age will determine which title should be used. I recommend using “Ms.” for ladies 18 and older, and “Miss” for young ladies under 18.
  • Women with a hyphenated last name – if a married woman has chosen to hyphenate her last name {maiden name-married name}, the husband’s and wife’s names should be listed as follows: Mr. {Insert husband’s first + last name} & Ms. {Insert wife’s first + last names}.
  • Divorced woman who kept her husband’s last name – you can either use Ms. or Mrs. {Insert first and last name} in this case, but it’s usually best for find out which she prefers.
  • Widows – it’s traditional for a widow to retain her husband’s name until she remarries. Find out if she prefers to be addressed by her husband’s full name or if she uses her first name + husband’s last name.
  • Married doctors – this isn’t one that I come across too often, but for a married couple that are both doctors, address them as “The Doctors {Insert last name}.

Unique Wedding Invitations

The ladies at RW Events are crazy about stationery! Your wedding invites will set the tone for the rest of your event, so choose something that you absolutely love! Consider incorporating different shapes, textures, and patterns to give your invitations a unique flare =)

Round Wedding Invitation by Wedding Paper DivasWood Inspired Invitation by Wedding Paper DivasFold Out Wedding Invitation by Wedding Paper Divas

Minimergency Kits

How perfect are these mini wedding day emergency kits!? Every good wedding planner has a plethora of things to fix any problem, but these would be great gifts for your bridesmaids + groomsmen as back-up =) It’s always good to be prepared, right?

Skinny Minimergency Kit for HerMinimergency Kit for Him

Dapper Groomsmen

A few weeks ago I blogged about some {amazingly} trendy bridesmaid dresses {check out that post here}, so today I’m sharing some of my fav picks for the guys!

  • Mismatched Attire – This trend has been going strong in the world of bridesmaid dresses, and I’m excited that it’s finally popping up in groomsmen attire! It’s a great way to let your guys show their personality, plus they can choose an outfit they’ll wear over and over again =)

Mismatched Groomemen Attire

Photo: Kamp Photography

  • Engligh Inspired – this trend is all about patterns {think tweed, paisley, plaid, etc.} The English inspired look is all about old world elegance and and focuses on patterns {think tweed, paisley, and plaid}.

English Inspired Groomsmen Attire

Photo: Natalie J Weddings

  • Colored Suits – these are certainly not for every guy, but if you want something totally different consider a colored suit!

Colored Groomsmen Attire

Photo: M&J Photography

Bridesmaid Love

Claire sure had one pretty set of bridesmaids! And these girls look like they’re having so much fun standing by her side =) So sweet!

Bridesmaids with Matching RobesBridesmaids with Matching Monogrammed RobesBridesmaids Getting ReadyBridesmaids Portrait with Geronimo Balloons

Photos: Watson Studios

Stay tuned for more photos from this wedding next week!

Maid of Honor vs. Bridesmaid

Lots of brides aren’t quite sure what the difference is between a maid of honor and a bridesmaid {other than the order they walk in}. So today I’m sharing just a few responsibilities for each of these lovely ladies to give you some guidance:

Maid of Honor

  • Bridesmaid wrangler – one of the main duties for the maid of honor is to keep track of all the bridesmaids. She needs to make sure everyone makes appointments, received wedding details, etc.
  • Assists the bride with pre-wedding tasks – you may be needed to help address invites, choose wedding decor, and a plethora of other items. Just don’t be too pushy with what you want for the wedding 😉
  • Bustling the wedding gown – make sure you’re at the bride’s last fitting so you’ll know how to properly bustle the wedding gown. It’s a good idea to bring a bridesmaid along for back-up.
  • Host the bridal shower – it’s okay to have the maids help you with this, but hosting a bridal shower is typically the maid of honor’s responsibility.
  • Be there for the bride – if you’re the maid of honor, it’s likely you’re her sister or best friend. When the bride needs to vent, just listen and make sure you have tissues available as needed.
  • During the ceremony – the maid of honor is responsible for carrying the groom’s ring {try wearing it on your thumb}, and also holding the bride’s bouquet during the ceremony.


  • Offer to help with pre-wedding tasks – know what you’re good at and how much time you have to offer. It’s never a good idea to volunteer for something you’re uncomfortable doing, or if you can’t commit to it time wise.
  • Help plan pre-wedding parties {and attend all of them} – this includes bridal showers, bachelorette parties, etc. If the maid of honor has taken on that task, ask if there are any details she needs help with {maybe picking up snacks, decorating, etc}.
  • Join in on the bridesmaid dress search – be on the lookout for dresses and jewelry that may work for the wedding. Make sure you run it by the bride or maid of honor before purchasing =)
  • Run last minute errands – no matter how much you plan ahead, there’s always one or two small items that get left behind. Bring some extra cash and be available to make store runs on wedding day.
  • Greet guests at the reception – be available to greet guests and assist them in finding their seat.
  • Hit the dance floor – this will encourage other guests to relax, have fun, and join in on the celebration!

P.S. These details go for the guys too! Just swap out “Maid of Honor” for “Best Man” and “Bridesmaid” for “Groomsmen” 😉

Choosing Your Bridal Party

When I get engaged it’s going to be pretty difficult selecting a bridal party. There are ladies I’ve grown up with, friends that are like family, and lots of cousins to choose from. If you’re like me and will have a hard time selecting a few lucky ladies to be in your bridal party, consider these quick tips to help you choose:

  • Who will be the maid/matron of honor?
    A quick fix is to choose your sister or closest friend that is already married. If they are all still single, consider going by age or select the lady you are closest too. You can also forgo the “maid/matron of honor” and just have a party of bridesmaids.
  • Who makes the overall cut for the bridal party?
    This is where things get tricky… you may be tempted to ask all your favorite ladies to be your maids, but it’s not a good idea to have a huge bridal party. It can be difficult to squeeze everyone into photos, plus you’re going to have to keep track of all those people! Make a list of everyone you want to be in your bridal party and try to narrow it down to no more than 5 on each side {bride + groom}.
  • Bridesmaid vs. Junior Bridesmaid vs. Flower Girl
    Bridesmaids are the ladies that you can trust to help you with wedding planning. A junior bridesmaid is typically a young lady that is too old to be a flower girl, but too young to take on the many tasks of a bridesmaid {they still walk down the aisle}. Flower girls are the sweet little girls that walk just before the bride and usually sprinkle flower petals down the aisle {hence the name “flower girl”}.