The 411 on Upholstered Chairs

Now that you’re able to tell a Settee from an Empire Style Sofa, let’s move onto our collection of upholstered chairs! No seating lounge is complete without a few upholstered chairs to add a pop of color, charm and a bit of extra seating.  Much like antique sofa’s, upholstered chairs come in quite an array of styles, each with their own name and unique features.

Marsala Upholstered Armchair

Louis XV Rococo Chair
Key Features
Serpentine curves along seat rails, back, arms and legs
Padded seat and back
Padded Arms (French Fauteuil style)
Featured RW Inventory – {Sangria}
Fun Fact – There are also Louis XIII, Louis XIV, and Louis XVI chairs!

Light Blue Upholstered Armchair

Queen Anne Wing Back Chair
Key Features
Upholstered “wings” that rise up from the arm and join the back at a 90-degree or wider angle
High back with slight curve
Cabriole Legs
Fully upholstered arms
Featured RW Inventory – {Skye}
Fun Fact – The wings were originally intended to keep cold drafts from hitting the person sitting in the chair

Blue Patterned Upholstered Chair

Bergère Chair
Key Features
Upholstered Arms, Back & Frame
Flat Back
Featured RW Inventory – {Quincy}
Fun Fact – The bergère took after the wingback’s design

Gold Upholstered Victorian Chair

Victorian Chair
Key Features
Sense of Luxury
Ornate Detailing
Leisurely Comfort
Often upholstered in fine silks with bright colors or floral patterns
Featured RW Inventory – {Diane}
Fun Fact – There are actually many different types of Victorian Chairs, from dining sets to wing back chairs. The chair above is considered a Victorian Nursing Chair, because it sits low and doesn’t have arms.

Happy Fall!

In the spirit of the season, we’re sharing one of our favorite fall inspired bouquets from Candice + Jeff’s intimate ceremony. The bride chose to incorporate simple flowers {roses, calla lilies, daisies, and a small handful of ranunculus} in some stunningly bold colors. What a statement it made against her flowy white gown!

Fall Inspired Bouquet

Photo: Ashley Jane Photography

Featured Inventory | Amy

Meet Amy! She’s a a simple {but elegant} wooden door that’s perfect for seating charts – just add some pretty white or gold calligraphy and you’re got yourself a unique GPS {Getting People Seated} vignette =)


Tidbits + Tips | Making it Personal

Weddings are just the most wonderful events, and our team loves when clients add special personal touches! Our sweet UK couple, Fay + Dan, are parents to two fluffy bunnies {and some sweet little kitties} and since they couldn’t make the trip across the pond, the bride had these adorable cake toppers made to incorporate their furry friends into the wedding! What are some personal touches you’re incorporating into your wedding? Head over to our Facebook page and let us know!

Custom Cake Topper

Photo: Snap Photography

Featured Inventory | Heppelwhite

Our sweetheart chairs {Heppelwhite} have gotten a makeover and boy, oh boy do they look snazzy! These chairs used to feature dark wood with a striped pattered cushion – they gotten a fresh coat of paint and some new upholstery and are ready to make their appearance at your sweetheart table!

Heppelwhite Sweetheart Chairs

Tidbits + Tips | First Looks

My honey and I are on the fence about doing a first look; what do you think?

One of the first questions we always ask our couples is if they’re considering a first look, or saving the moment for down the aisle. As a team of Southern gals, we understand and appreciate traditions. But if we’re being honest, sometimes you just have to break the rules for pure awesomeness {like a first look}! If you’ve never heard of this term before, let us to break it down for you… A first look is when you + your lovey see each other and take photos before the ceremony.

Here’s why we love this concept:

  • All those jitters you feel before the ceremony will go down tremendously when you get to see your other half first.
  • There’s less pressure with hardly any eyes on you {besides your darling photographer and videographer}. This equals real reactions from your honey and gives you the freedom to say what you want to say to each other without an audience {introverts unite!}.
  • Time. You will save SO MUCH time doing your photos together before the ceremony. You can even squeeze in the bridal party photos pre-ceremony. Save the family portraits for after the I-dos, and enjoy the remainder of cocktail hour with your guests. Hello hors d’oeuvres!

Don’t get us wrong, we love the tradition of waiting for the aisle as well. You’ll be sure to get gorgeous photos either way!


Kati Rosado Photography captured the first look of our sweet June couple, Heidi + Trevor, perfectly. Trevor’s reaction just melts our hearts! All. The. Feels.