Real Talk // Doyinsola + Dunell’s Cultural Wedding

We love weddings – from the design to the little details, and everything in between! One thing we love about weddings is working with couples from different backgrounds and learning about their cultures. Doyinsola + Dunell held their multi-cultural wedding at Luxmore Grande Estate and it was such fun experiencing their big day with them!

How did you meet?

We met as first-year law students at Penn State Law. Because we had a lot of mutual friends we knew of each other but didn’t necessarily speak. As time went on we started hanging out one on one and the rest is history.

Were there any unique elements you incorporated?

I’m Nigerian and my husband is Haitian-American and I think we did an awesome job celebrating both our cultures. On the Friday night before our wedding, we had a traditional Yoruba Engagement ceremony where our entire families met and formally gave their approval and blessings to our union. Additionally, as music and food are very important in our respective cultures, we made sure we had some Nigerian and Haitian dishes for our guests and danced the night away to Konpa and Afro-beats.

What made you choose your venue?

I like to think that my style, especially for special events, is very classic and timeless. I want to look at my wedding pictures decades from now and still appreciate the aesthetics of that day. However, it was important the venue was charming and full of character. Luxmore checked all the boxes. From the stunning wallpaper in the parlor to the quirky library and the grandiose chandeliers, it’s truly a magnificent building. Did I mention it’s also really practical? The bridal suite is huge and there was so much parking for our guests.

What factors did you consider when choosing your vendor team?

We were an out of town couple so it was important that our vendors were efficient without needing to be micro-managed. This meant finding a team of people that we clicked with and understood our vision without numerous meetings. It was also extremely important that our vendors were diverse and small business owners. Looking back on the wedding that’s one of the things we’re most proud of.

Photos: Kiyah C Photography

Any planning tips you’d like to share with other couples?

Be proactive about setting aside time to not talk about the wedding. It seems counterintuitive but wedding planning can honestly take over your lives and relationships, and you can lose sight of what’s important. So once in a while, (i.e., as often as you can) do things not wedding related.  Also, compromise. Two months post-wedding you won’t care about the thing that you’re digging in your heel about.


Getting Ready | The Estate House Bridal Suite

Getting Ready Moments at the Cypress Grove Estate House

Bridal portraits in the Cypress Grove Estate House bridal suite are classic!

The Cypress Grove Estate House Bridal Suite, aka the room of perfection! Where bridal portrait dreams come to life and every bride gets to dress in the delicate and romantic room of her dreams. Natural light floods the space, highlighting each unique piece of antique furniture curated to complete the room. The fainting couch has to be my personal favorite spot ? Between the mirror adorned walls, provincial fireplace, and delicate floral accents, you will find endless photo opportunities along with the ideal spot for getting ready on your big day!

The bridal suite at Cypress Grove Estate house offers lots of natural light, making it an ideal location for bridal portraits.

Let those closest to you share in the getting ready experience and assist with the final touches to make your bridal look complete! You won’t want to fasten those shoes yourself, ladies! If you ask Mom, Grandma, your sister, best friend or whoever may be sharing in the moment with you, this will be the most special to them! The suite becomes the backdrop as you transform into the bride you’ve always dreamed of being. Just wait until your fiancé sees you! Better yet…wait till Dad sees you! Cue the tears!

The bridal suite at Cypress Grove Estate House is private and is a great location for first looks with dad.

The first look with dad gets me every time! There is something so incredibly special about a father or a special man in your life seeing you as a bride for the first time. His little girl is all grown up and the tears are from a place of happiness and joy as well as a slight sadness knowing he now has to share you. The bridal suite may be the perfect backdrop for fun moments, but the room also holds so many incredible memories such as like the one shared above, the make the room the true treasure of the house.

Not to get too emotional on you but it’s so true! Then again, prior to seeing dad, you must show your girls just how incredible you look, after all, they have been your biggest support, oohing and awing from the time to first went shopping to seeing the dress arrive on wedding day.

Pop some bubbly, snap a pic for the gram and celebrate the love you share as a group of friends!

The bridal suite at Cypress Grove is large enough to accommodate all your maids!

And who could forget about the little details or private moments that you’ll be so thankful to have captured? Insert all the heart eye emojis!

The Cypress Grove Estate House bridal suite features stunning antique furniture, perfect for featuring in your bridal portraits.
Photos: Kristen Weaver Photography | The Hendricks | Miranda Grey Weddings | Ashley Jane Photography

Aside from the inevitable incredible images, our brides love that there is a private space all to their own on wedding day. Especially with the sunroom located adjacent for hair and makeup, the space remains cool and calm and makes for the perfect escape when you need a moment to retreat and just breathe. The day will absolutely fly by despite the getting ready part dragging on. Why not celebrate and surround yourself with the ladies (and gents) that support you in the ideal feminine and delicate space fit for any bride!?

Can you picture it? Slipping into the gown you’ve always imagined. Reading a note from the one you love just moments before heading down the aisle….yea, I’m the hopeless romantic on the team here, but if you’re gushing over the room as I do, come and see for yourself just how beautiful the suite is!


The Acre | Venue Spotlight

A Combination of Outdoor Rustic Charm and Whimsy

The Acre | A Combination of Outdoor Rustic Charm and Whimsy
Featured Inventory :: French Country Chairs | Chloe

Are you searching for the perfect backyard venue for your bohemian wedding?  Then look no further than The Acre! This unique outdoor event space is located in the heart of historic College Park, near Downtown Orlando.  

Some quick FAQs; 

  • The venue can host up to 250 guests 
  • They offer packages for both weddings & private events 
  • They offer intimate wedding packages as well! 
  • Free onsite parking 
  • Fancy Bathroom Trailer Provided 
  • Catering Kitchen Located On-Site 
The Acre offers three outdoor ceremony locations, including The Stage, The Vine Wall, and The Tiny House.

The Acre has three fabulous ceremony locations on the grounds!  

  • The Stage is perfect for a more traditional setup, or if you want to ensure the couple is the center of attention! This area is great for a unique floral arch or arbor display. 
  • The Vine Wall is definitely on trend with all the greenery we’ve seen highlighted in weddings this season. This location is ideal for the bohemian bride. 
  • The Tiny House creates an eclectic backdrop if you want something more unique and a little quirky. The historic structure has recently been renovated and creates a lovely photo-op. 
The Acre features a lawn area, which offers a blank slate for your wedding decor.
Featured Inventory :: Bohemian Decor | Bennett

The lawn at The Acre is the largest open space and creates the perfect blank slate for your event. It’s an excellent space for a tent or a unique structure. Or keep the lawn open to enjoy the stars and romantic market lights! The barn, which houses the bar, accents this space and can also be used as a covered dancing area or band set-up. There are areas in the garden where guests can roam, and enjoy a fire pit. Lastly is the popular Mirror Patio, featuring a stunning brick courtyard, which works well for the dance floor, DJ Set-up, cocktail hour, or a lounge area! 

The Acre's bridal suite is spacious and overlooks the grounds.
Featured Inventory :: Bohemian Decor

The Acre also includes a spacious bridal suite in their upstairs loft. It’s large enough for the bride and her squad to get ready, and also overlooks the grounds. The guys haven’t been left out as there’s also a Groom’s Suite just behind the ceremony stage. Finally, there is the Chapel Hall located towards the back of the property. This is an intimate indoor space that could be used for smaller receptions, an indoor food/dessert display, soft seating, etc.

Want more details on this gem of a venue? Contact their team here!


Bridal Portraits at Cypress Grove Estate House

Bridal portraits are some of the most important images of your wedding. The day will fly by, but your portraits will last a lifetime. Portraits capture the emotions and unseen moments and give couples a life long reminder of the bond they share.

Images: Kartsie Photography | The Heims | 28 North Photography

Every venue has those picture perfect locations for portraits, but there’s just something so magical about shots captured at Cypress Grove. Maybe it’s the southern charm and the lakeside sunsets ?

Images: Lora Rodgers Photography

“Golden Hour” at Cypress Grove is ? For those of you who aren’t up-to-date on their photography lingo, golden hour is that time just before the sun fully sets, when the light is soft, glowy, and oh so romantic! It’s the perfect time to capture images on the tree-lined drive or along the shores of Lake Jessamine.

Images: Shauna & Jordon Photography | The Hendricks | Miranda Grey

Oh, and not all of your bridal portraits have to be focused on you as a couple. Take some time to get shots on your own, like the image of our bride above from Miranda Grey!