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Behind the Brand

Meet The Owner -Tamuel

She is the creative mastermind and driving force behind the RW Events brand + its subsidiaries (Luxmore Grande EstateCypress Grove Estate House + RW Style). She prides herself in running a successful family owned business with a dedicated team of passionate professionals.  

Ok, ok, enough of the boring stuff – let’s get a little personal – quick facts about her:

  • She is obsessed with her husband of 24+ years and gorgeous daughters
  • Carbs make her extremely happy
  • If dogs could speak; she would never speak to a human again (so, we think)
  • Retail therapy = book + grocery stores
  • Monotony is not her thing
  • DIY projects are not for this gal, ever
  • She hates the beach and thinks sand is gross
  • She loves genuine connections – drop her a line today – Tamuel (at)

Our Team

Kimberly Boyd

HR + Development Manager
I’m the gal that keeps everything up + running smoothly.

Amaris Hunt

Office Manager
I monitor the bosses schedules and make sure they do what I say, when I say it has to be done.

Dede Cowart

Graphic Designer
I obsess over pretty things and create all the collateral you obsess over!

Lacie Holland

Rental Stylist

I curate cool stuff and bohemian is my jam!

Alexis Clarke

Event Manager

I manage A LOT of events, at the same darn time!

Kaitlyn Francis

Event Manager

I manage 100's of events annually, did you hear me - HUNDREDS!

We're looking for you!

Brand Manager

We're hiring!

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I’m introverted and love some “me” time but I miss my office + work family. I miss distracting my team with random thoughts, sifting through new inventory for, hosting networkers + events. Can’t wait to see you on the other side, friends! 💛



Flipping through the Lookbook has us feeling nostalgic. Although this will be the last one, we’re excited for the transition into our new project that blends: our love for weddings, typography, design, velvety smooth paper, and kick-ass photography! Stay tuned for an exciting announcement in the coming weeks. Any guesses?!



We don’t always network but when we do, there’s proof! @moniquediltz we need more t-shirts please 😘



@depictionsofdede pulled me out of retirement for this one and it was so worth it. #AcemeetsQueen #itwasShelah

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