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Bridal Shows 101

Conquering Bridal Shows in 4 Easy Steps So you’re attending bridal shows? So fun!!! You and your bridesmaids are ready to meet vendors and enjoy

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Make Your Wedding Unique

Most weddings have a similar structure – the ceremony followed by cocktail hour and ending with a reception. Incorporating elements that make the event unique

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Navy and White Wedding

Seeing our couples featured in magazines and wedding blogs will never get old. It’s so fun seeing their excitement about sharing their wedding planning journey

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Behind the B R A N D That time I convinced hubby to step out of his comfort zone, leave his comfy 9-5, and resume an active role as partner. Best 👏🏾decision 👏🏾ever! 👏🏾 This was our first photo as business partners ❤️ Sidebar: @ashleyjanephoto was supposed to photoshop my belly but she didn’t want me to be great! 🙄😂



H U G S What do I miss most about planning weddings?! This ☝🏾 Being in the moment, on one of the most joyous days of their lives, was so important to us. From distracting with dad jokes, reminders of how beautiful they look, giving shots to settle nerves 🙈, sitting in silence before the start of the ceremony, or handing out big ole hugs (just because) - we’ll forever cherish these intimate moments. 💛❤️



D I V E R S I T Y Thankful to the Orlando wedding market for ‘finally’ realizing diversity is cool and should be embraced! 😎 #yourewelcome #theshade



G R O W T H The rental division wasn’t planned (or even on our vision board). There was an unethical business owner that dropped this in our lap and we quickly switch gears to ensure her booked clients didn’t suffer. #heifer Our entire goal was to get through the handful of events she had on the books, then dissolve it. But GOD... Little did we know, 6+ years later we’d have over 12,000 square feet of curated goodies and find a true passion for designing events. Here’s a shot of our first warehouse - it seemed so empty when we first moved in but thanks to dozens of brides trusting us our first year, it filled up quickly. ***The space were in now is becoming too small - can someone find me a new warehouse with exposed brick, natural light, over 20,000 square feet, centrally located in Orlando 🙈

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