Tuesday Tips { Vendor Negotiations |

I know it’s important to save where you can when it comes to weddings, but keep these quick tips in mind when negotiating with vendors:

  • Don’t be unreasonable: A vendor who charges $2000 for something is not going to give it to you for $1000, so don’t insult them by asking for discounts.
  • Avoid making threats: Saying you’re going to go with another vendor if your demands aren’t met probably won’t result in a deal.
  • Don’t lie: The wedding industry is very small and most vendors know each other. Vendors talk, so don’t go around saying, ‘Well, so and so is charging me $1000 less,’ if it isn’t true.
  • Don’t compare vendors who don’t provide the same type of service or product: You wouldn’t expect to pay for a VW and get a Mercedes – the same is true for wedding vendors. Sometimes you can expect to pay more because of name and reputation, but more often you’ll pay more for experience and expertise.
  • Don’t beat around the bush with your budget: When you make it a secret, a vendor may propose something that is way out of your price range. A good wedding vendor will give you suggestions on how to use their services while staying within your budget, or they may determine that they aren’t the best fit for you. If that’s the case, ask them for recommendations on another vendor who may work better for you.”