Tuesday Tips { Destination Weddings 101 }

Destination weddings are some of the best weddings to plan – they’re full of amazing food, great locales, and lots of adventure! If you’re planning an out-of-town shindig we’ve got a few quick tips for you:

  • Do your research – for any wedding outside the United States, make sure to check out this post from the Department of State. It’ll tell you all about documentation, laws, and other requirements needed to marry outside the U.S. Make sure you also check out rules for the specific country in which you’d like to marry. Some require health certificates, translated paperwork, etc.
  • Visit your location – before you sign the contract, take a trip to the venue! Meet with the event coordinator and go though all the details {food, flowers, etc.}. Take a peek at guest rooms, try the food, and figure out the best route from the airport to the hotel.
  • Do the math – while destination weddings are usually more cost effective for the bride & groom, they end up being super expensive for guests {airfare, hotel accommodations, food, etc.}. Try to keep your guests’ budget in mind when planning the wedding. Believe me, they’ll appreciate it!

Tidbits & Tips { Just Breathe }

Imagine – it’s the morning of your wedding and you’ve got the jitters. Here are some quick tips to help calm those nerves down:

  • Exercise – exercising releases endorphins which produces the same feeling as excitement. Try taking a morning bike ride, going for a walk, or even doing some yoga with your bridesmaids. Avoid cardio or anything that’s going to make you too tired, though!
  • Eat – with all the hustle and bustle on wedding day, don’t forget to eat! Start off with a good breakfast {eggs, fresh fruit, and a nice cup of tea sound perfect} and try to avoid foods high in sugar {like soda and sweets}.
  • Set aside some quiet time – try listening to your favorite playlist, read a book, or write down some thoughts in a journal!

Tuesday Tips { Check Your Credit }

We all know just how expensive an awesome wedding can be, so take advantage of the high cost and sign up for a credit card with a rewards program! Some offer airline miles & hotel reward points {these would be great to put toward the honeymoon}, shopping deals, and even gift cards. Some card companies offer different types of rewards, so check out the list below to find the one that best suits you. But, a quick word of caution – keep an eye on the credit card limit!

Tidbits & Tips { Wedding Workouts }

Getting in shape is important to just about every bride I’ve ever met. So, here are a few quick tips when it comes to wedding workouts:

  • Eat right – make a commitment to choose healthy meal options! Eat lots of fresh fruits and veggies, and don’t forget to stay hydrated {drinking lots of water is also great for your skin}.
  • Don’t crash diet – you may drop tons of weight by doing this, but it’s not going to last long term.
  • Exercise – mix up your routines by adding cardio, weight training, and maybe even through in some yoga {super relaxing, btw}.
  • Get some rest – one of the best things you can do to stay healthy is get plenty of sleep.

One final tip: try not to over do it. Don’t order your dress two sizes too small and then stress over losing enough weight to fit into it. Stressing is definitely not healthy, and the more weight you lose, the more alterations you’re going to have to make to the dress {which can cost a pretty penny}.