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A Q&A Session with Jennifer Lopez of Bella Sposa Events

The owner of one of Orlando’s fastest growing wedding planning companies and the pastel princess herself, Jennifer Lopez, was sweet enough to do a Q&A session with me. Find out about her personal style, favorite wedding moments and what it’s like to be a full-time wedding planner. 
Q: When did you start planning weddings, and how did you get into the industry? 

A: I started my business in February of 2016. In 2013 I was working for a wedding design company that partnered with some amazing planners and I would help them out whenever the planners were needing an extra hand. I didn’t think I would ever become a planner being that I grew up in a small town and planners didn’t exist. It has been the most amazing and rewarding thing I have ever done in my life, what a blessing it has been! 

Q: How many weddings do you take on in a year?  

A: I personally take on about 60 weddings a year, which is a lot! The average planner does 25-30, but what can I say, I love what I do! My team and I take on about 130 a year. I love my girls, they’re amazing and I don’t know what I would do without them. They seriously rock! 

Q: How would you describe your personal style?  

A: I would love to say I’m pretty trendy! I love big fun earrings, shirts that say fun things on them, and I love me a cute pair of Keds! I love everything pastel, so If you’re looking for dark that’s not me. I am bright and bubbly when it comes to my attire, I always want to be picked out in the crowd. Hello, Kate Spade! 

Rentals Pictured: Willow | French Country Chairs

Q: Who is the most memorable couple that you have worked with, and what made them so memorable?  

A: Oh my gosh, this is a really hard question! I would have to say my very first Full Planning and Design Clients, Tess & Tyler. I connected with them on a personal level and we are still friends to this day. I enjoyed working for them because it didn’t seem like work. They always made me feel so comfortable and were always so easy to work with. They truly made me love what I do. It doesn’t always work this way, so I cherish the clients that I establish this amazing connection with! 

Q: What has been your favorite styled shoot that you have designed so far and why? 

A: My favorite shoot so far has been at Haus 820 in Lakeland, everything about this styled shoot was amazing! All the details, colors, and vendors made it absolutely flawless! 

Photos: Flora Bloom Photography

Q: What is one memory you have from a wedding that you’ll never forget?  
A: I had a wedding at Bella Collina a few months ago where the Father of the Bride made it a point to stop everyone and thank me from the bottom of his heart for everything I had done. Him doing that in front of everyone made me feel so loved and appreciated. It is very rare that people thank me in front of everyone, so it really made me feel so special. 

Q: What is the most rewarding part of being a wedding planner? 

A: I don’t think there is anything more rewarding than seeing everything come together on wedding day. I love when I say goodbye to my clients at the end of the night and they tell me it has been the best day ever! That’s all I ever want for our couples so that’s always the most rewarding part. 

Q: What is something that you want future clients and/or the reader of this blog post to know about you? 

A: That I am the most chill and kind-hearted person in the world. I truly believe everyone deserves the most amazing wedding day no matter the budget, venue, or style. I really love what I do and my team and I are here to make sure you have the most amazing day ever. This has been the most rewarding thing in my life and I plan to continue to make sure that all our future and current clients have the BEST DAY EVER!