Fur babies

Here at RW Events we don’t discriminate, never have and never will. Especially against fur babies. In fact, some have even heard our owner say that she prefers dogs over people everyday of the week. 😉

So it’s an easy question to answer when our couples ask if our venues are pet friendly—Heck Yes! Who doesn’t love a furry ring bearer or {dis}obedient flower girl. Be sure to let us know if you want to include your best friend in your event, we’ll be sure to keep some extra treats in our office. 😊

Photo Credit: Ashley Jane Photography 

Showered with Love

We like a good party, but we LOVE when we can help bring a client’s vision to life! Amy hosted her bridal shower at the Conservatory at the Alfond Inn in Winter Park Florida. The setting is gorgeous open space with tons of natural light, complete with domed ceilings. The bride to be wore a stunning Zac Posen 3/4 length dress paired with gold Dolce & Gabbana Mary Janes and wanted a vintage theme to match. Looking for décor in a soft pastel palette with lots of blues and gold. Take a look at some of her (and our) favorite design elements and get a bit of insight into her process with RW Style! 

Three specific elements come to mind that were curated by RW and took my breath away:  

My welcome sign: I knew I wanted one, and I knew I wanted some gold element/ and a fresh flower element. My designer told me not to worry about it, she would make it perfect….and WOW what a way to welcome my guests! It was acrylic, giving it a modern flare but still classic with cursive gold font and beautiful flowers. I was thrilled to see it come to life.  

My dessert station: Thanks to RW I was able to secure Michelle from Bakers Cottage Cakes to do our absolutely INSANE spread of cakes, pies, eclairs, macaroons, cannoli’s, chocolate covered strawberries and MORE…RW works with Michelle frequently and together they selected the perfect pieces of furniture, pie stands and floral elements to make the dessert station a stand out piece of our Bridal Brunch! I really only went to a super fun cake tasting and supplied RW with several inspo pics from pinterest and they did the rest!! I love mermaids and the ocean, so the team was even able to throw in an decor element of “trading her tail for a veil” with a vintage flair. Everyone was smitten. 

The balloon arch: I have wanted a floral and balloon arch forever, but I get nervous that most balloon arches look like a 5-year old’s birthday or an entrance to the petting zoo at the county fair LOL. The RW team took my inspo pics and concerns about making the balloons look organic like the are falling to the floor with many balloon varieties of shape, size and color, plus the incorporation of fresh florals…and they truly created something that deserves to be in a magazine. There is nothing on the internet that comes close to what they made for me…trust me I’ve looked lol. The idea of putting it on a backdrop to provide structural support AND a way to display my “Miss to Mrs.” sign and special Bride Chair with gift station was genius. And again, the small details down to the rug placement and side tables was absolutely impeccable. I cannot say enough. The backdrop provided the perfect place for bridal portraits too; photos I will cherish for life. 

“My mother and I had found RW at a bridal expo, where the representative was fun and informative with a great sample of their furniture and decor; after which we went to an open house at the warehouse and saw everything RW had to offer. I was so impressed!!  I felt like I could have been blind folded and spun around and STILL have chosen an amazing set of furniture for the shower. But even better, the team at RW events was well put together and followed up with me not only about furniture selections, but a way to make all my design dreams come true...a personal bridal shower designer and coordinator that would handle all the details for me while using all of the ideas that I had collected over months of scouring pinterest and every bridal magazine known to man!! The furniture choices were easy to make...but having someone artistically design seating areas with rugs, small decor items like a vintage GOLD telephone??? Having someone there to set up the room while I giggled with my girls in our suite???PRICELESS. The RW team was also open to using special vintage items from my grandmothers, including cut glass vases and a gold mermaid to carry beautiful cream, blue and peach flower display.  I am usually a major control freak (haha!), super type A with attention to small details and specific ideas about how exactly I want things...but the more I worked with RW, the more I realized that I could trust them to pull this off and in many cases I could let them do their work without meddling too much! Overall, I would encourage every bride to take this time and make it everything you ever dreamed of...being engaged to the man you chose to partner with for life is a HUGE and WONDERFUL decision and you deserve to celebrate it in every way. This is your chance!!! Don't miss it! While the bridal shower is traditionally something hosted by the maids, and is often a surprise, I would encourage brides to think outside the box!”

- Amy

Whether you’re looking for a collaborative experience or you want us to take the reins RW Style will never disappoint. With a carefully curated collection, fresh ideas and attention to detail we can transform any space to exceed your expectations. Just ask Amy 😉 

Special thanks to Sara Kauss Photography for the photos! 

Loungin’ at The Acre

This dapper couple has a keen eye for style and loves a jewel toned palette as much as we do! 

They tied the knot at The Acre Orlando. Curating a bold and colorful lounge in this white space was only fitting. That jewel toned obsession runs deep with our clients, too! Check out this lounge we styled for an Acre bride. She wanted a conversation set in rich hues of black, blue, and green. Naturally, we used touches of gold as an accent while livening the space up with fresh greenery.

Featured inventory, not including the textiles + assortment of styling goodies! 

Upholstered seating: Onyx, Jewel, Sapphire, + Olivia 

Accent Tables + Furnishings: Heston, Harlow, + Lana

Shout out to Dani Nichol Photography for capturing all the fun and moments!  

Real Talk // Kristina + James

This sweet couple met about three and a half years ago; Kristina was looking for a roommate and James turned out to be the perfect match in more ways than one ?

Photos: Vine & Light Photography

How did you meet?

“We met in New York in January of 2016. I was looking for a roommate to rent the second bedroom of my apartment in Chelsea. I posted an ad for a roommate on Craigslist and James answered the ad. He was moving from London to New York and needed a place to stay. We met up and I gave him a tour of the apartment. He loved the place and we got along instantly. Less than a year later, we were together and not too long after that, we were engaged! If you ask him how we met, he would simply say Craigslist, which has definitely gotten us some strange looks along the way!”

Images captured in the Estate Room, the Library, and the Parlor

What made you choose Luxmore as your venue?

“We loved the venue the moment we stepped inside. It sold itself. Our ideal venue was an outdoor wedding and the space outside was perfect. With Florida weather being as unpredictable as it is we needed to feel good about getting married in the backup space the venue had. The room the Luxmore presented to us was just as beautiful as the outdoor space which made us feel it was the perfect place for us.”

Rentals :: Gold Rimmed Chargers | Mahogany Chiavari Chairs
Cake ::

What was your design inspiration?

“We both had the same idea for the wedding decor which made things much easier. White and ivory with touches of silver and gold. Simple, elegant, classic! It turned out to be everything we envisioned. “

What was your favorite part of the event?

“When my new husband sang to me! And also the cake! He would say the open bar lol.”

Image captured in the Library

What factors did you consider when choosing your vendor team?

“Reviews, reviews, reviews! It was important for us to hear what other couples had to say. It really influenced our decisions when we chose our team. I would also say communication. Since we had to plan the wedding remotely, it was extremely important to us that our vendors were able to help us via phone and face time. “

Want to read more from our couples? Click here to check our all of our Real Wedding features!

Real Talk // Lindsey + Matt

Lindsey + Matt were the couple that knew exactly what they wanted – a venue that offered waterfront views, lots of trees, and one they could truly make their own. They found all that and more at Cypress Grove Estate House, and boy are we glad they found us! Their simple decor complemented the space so well and truly brought out it’s natural beauty!

Were there any unique elements you incorporated?
We tried to tie in as many elements of both us and our family and friends as we could. Some of which were physical items – on Lindsey’s bouquet, jewelry was added from both of her deceased grandmothers as well as pins from her bridesmaids. Matt wore his deceased grandfathers watch. We also carefully chose our music throughout the day and night to play songs that brought back many of our favorite memories between us and our guests.”

What was your favorite part of the event?
“It’s a tie between our first look and the ceremony! Each have a million different reasons. Our first look was a super sweet ‘wow’ moment that brought everything together. This was where we both thought ‘Omg. This day is here. We’re getting married!’ During our ceremony, it was so special for us to see all of our favorite people seated in one place, wholeheartedly supporting us as we made our commitment of marriage to each other. It was also special being able to share our personal vows that we had each written to one another.”

What made you choose your venue?
“We had a ‘vision’ for our wedding venue look and feel from the start! We felt like we walked right into the picture we had in our minds when we came to visit Cypress Grove Estate. We both wanted our ceremony to be on the water and surrounded by trees with a quaint, secluded feeling. We were so excited to find exactly what we were looking for, and more, in the city where we met and where it all began for us. Cypress Grove is truly stunning!”

What was your design inspiration?
“A lot of our design inspiration came from our venue. We didn’t want to take away from the natural beauty of the cypress trees, etc. so we kept things simple! We added pops of our personal styles and favorite colors to make our wedding uniquely ours.”

Featured Inventory: Bubba // French Country Chairs

Any planning tips you’d like to share with other couples?
“Our biggest tip would be to have fun! We definitely got caught up here and there with the stress of balancing work/life/wedding planning from across the country (we currently live in Las Vegas). When we learned to give ourselves grace, it became such an enjoyable experience. Some of our favorite planning moments were brainstorming together along with our cake and food tastings. Also, trust your vendors and let them do their thing! We were lucky to have an amazing team of vendors who put as at ease and blew our expectations out of the water.”

Jewel Tones // Spring Inspiration

One of the things our couples love most about Cypress Grove is the Old Florida feel which is so hard to find anymore, especially in Orlando! Once surrounded by orange groves, we wanted to play into that old Florida citrus plantation feel and use the Estate’s surroundings to complement that aesthetic.

With the sunlight reflecting off gorgeous Lake Jessamine, golden rays project stunning shades of pinks and oranges which we wanted to capture in the showcased floral. The house itself stands beautifully in a crisp white with emerald green shutters to accent so the same palette was used for our linens and candy buffet. We wanted to show our couples the very landscapes they fell in love with could be implemented into their wedding day details.

We focused on rentals that our couples love to see – a unique dessert display, wood elements, and rustic chairs to complement. Our emerald buffet was the perfect accent piece to Florida Candy Buffet’s colorful display. Our Wesley farm tables and matching French Country Chairs added the southern elegance our couples love and paired wonderfully with our linen covered Captain’s tables! Incorporating two table styles adds such a fun design element 😉


Real Talk // Morgan + Julius

Morgan + Julius hosted their simple but oh-so elegant fall wedding with us last October – we fell head-over-heels in love with their reception draping, and their doughnut station still has us drooling ?

How did you meet?
Julius and I met in the Respiratory program at school. We were in our second semester and were in the same study group. I secretly looked him up on Facebook before we officially met so I was already kinda interested lol. We figured out we only lived about ten minutes away from eachother so we studied more and more and ended up falling for each other.

What made you choose Luxmore as your venue?
I knew I didn’t want a boring hall at a hotel or something generic and old looking where you would need tons of decor to cover it up. We live in Chicago and since we were getting married in Florida I was doing a lot of online researching. I stumbled across Luxmore and I KNEW it’s where I wanted to get married before I even saw it in person. Actually, Luxmore was the only venue I looked at in person. I’m a simple person who knows what I want and I didn’t want to see tons and tons of venues. I just knew it was perfect for me.

What was your design inspiration?
My design inspiration definitely was a mix of vintage, simple, romantic, elegant, and kind of a whimsical feeling. I was so lucky to have vendors that understood my vision, especially because I was unable to be there in person a lot. I just wanted a design that was stunning but not overdone and gotty looking. I did a lot of research on Pinterest and also wedding blogs. My florist was amazing and put together the floral arrangements exactly how I wanted.

Did you face any challenges during the planning process?
I felt overwhelmed a lot and a little out of control due to not being in the same state. I overcame this by being extremely organized and had a wedding binder with all my vendors, to-do lists, payment dates, etc. I tried to stay on top of everything and also not be so controlling and to just go with the flow.

Photos: KT Crabb Photography

Any planning tips you’d like to share with other couples?
Just have fun with it and don’t let yourself be overwhelmed with everything at once. Try and focus on one thing at a time and know you will get it all done, no matter how tedious it is. Have fun with it and don’t be so controlling over every single detail. If you have a good team of vendors and a good venue I promise everything will turn out beautiful. I would also recommend having a day of coordinator, that takes a lot of pressure off of you and it is definitely worth the money. I’d say spend the most money on that and your flowers. You honestly do get what you pay for.


Real Wedding // Melissa + Jen

We’ll admit it – blogging our events is something we need to get better with. Why not start with a few of our favorite events over the past couple of years! First up, Melissa + Jen’s hip wedding reception.

These ladies were some of the coolest we’ve worked with in a long time. Between their taste in fashion, floral, music and food – I felt a personal invite to the wedding would have been acceptable since we were long lost friends 🙂

Random: Can you believe this image below was taken at Cypress Grove Estate House? We love when photographers capture the property’s uniqueness. I’m sure you’re wondering where this is located –  it’s to the left of the gazebo, along the path, past the trees… (sounds like fairy tale directions, huh ;))

Getting Ready/The First Look

Back to their wedding  – Let’s start by breaking all the traditions! Not only did they see each other prior to the ceremony, they got ready together at Grand Bohemian Hotel. Watching Melissa and Jen, through the lens of Gian Carlo Photography, help each other with hair, makeup, polish and everything in between was so heart warming and exciting. The love these ladies have for each other is a pure joy to witness.

The Wedding Party

It was inevitable that their wedding party would be just as cool as them – these ladies and gents exude a cool and confident demeanor. Their personalities were reflective, not only in the dresses and ties they wore, but the floral bouquets and boutonnieres too. Oh, and did you notice the bride’s bouquets and how uniquely different they are.

Floral provided by Flowers by Lesley

Decor + Floral

Ain’t no party like a Cypress Grove party, cause a Cypress Grove party don’t stop (until 10pm, that is – silly noise ordinance). Not only was the music a priority, the decor was at the top of the list too. They layout included a couple of vintage social lounges (complete with cigars), family style seating, and so many little details.

Vintage rentals + decor provided by RW Style

This wedding was planned and designed by RW Events and we approve this content!


RW Gals

Jamie + Ryan

During wedding planning, your family can either drive you insane or keep you sane, and for this couple, all they wanted was to celebrate their marriage with their families ? Jamie and Ryan are that couple who is just so happy to be together that everyone around them soaks up the love.

On wedding day, leading up to their first look they would just be smiling constantly, and you could tell they were so excited to get things going! I had to peek in on their first look and I’m so happy I did; Ryan’s face was something so raw and sweet, and Jamie had the biggest smile on her face!

Once they were able to hold hands and relax, the rest of the day unfolded perfectly. They are huge on family and with both sides filling up their wedding party, their families were certainly becoming one and growing! Their traditional Jewish ceremony was intimate and so heart felt.

A clean and classic style is what Jamie and Ryan had in mind from the very beginning of their planning journey. Tying in the southern charm of Cypress Grove with farm tables and French country chairs was the icing in the whoopie pie {you’ll get the pun a little later ;-)}! With a classically stunning couple, romantic market lights, and a touch of winter, our Bride and Groom were in awe over their vision coming to life! This happy go lucky couple couldn’t have made their families and friends smile any more if they tried! They even decided to surprise guests by feeding each other giant whoopie pies instead of cake 😉

Photos: Grind & Press Photography


Merlot + Copper

Nicole and Michael held their outdoor wedding at Cypress Grove Estate House! Featuring  one of my most favorite colors – merlot! This rich hue made an appearance in their stationery suite and throughout the floral. It was even in their specialty rentals from our inventory.


Pro tip :: incorporating your color palette or a particular design into your invites gives guests a taste of what to expect at your wedding.
Our floral bestie,  Lesley with Flowers by Lesley, dreamed up a simple but oh, so romantic ceremony-scape. It was complete with flowy white draping and gorgeous gazebo arrangements. Not to mention, the lovely lush garland to drape the back row of seating. And can we talk about how gorgeous these bridesmaids bouquets are? Above all, the hanging amaranthus is the perfect touch! The vintage rentals selected was a mix of rented sofas + chairs from our Chicago and Santa Rosa collections. They also rented farmhouse tables, crossback chairs, and  copper chargers to add a pop of color.  In addition to, great texture in the reception space.
Pro tip :: feature a mix of traditional rounds with rustic farm tables for a unique reception look.
Photos: Ais Portraits
Xoxo, Kim

Inventory in Action | Casa Feliz

Casa Feliz is such a lovely venue on its own but add our vintage rentals and some lush floral and you’ve got yourself the most romantic Spanish style venue in Central Florida! A small patio made the perfect hideaway for the bride + groom to share a sweet moment together before joining their guests at the reception.


Featured inventory :: Willow | Demi

Photos: Nate & Lori

Inventory in Action | Willow + Emmett

These two are quickly becoming the popular kids over at Cypress Grove! Miss Willow and Mr. Emmett make the perfect pair for events with a rustic elegant feel, a favored theme at this romantic lakeside venue. Instead of the traditional white or ivory draping, the couple opted to frame these two pieces with a fun colored option making their sweetheart display really pop!

Willow + Emmett {rustic sweetheart table + wine barrel buffet}

Real Weddings | Winter Inspiration

Can you believe that winter is right around the corner!? In just a few short weeks we’ll be welcoming holiday decor + hot chocolate to our weddings and we can’t wait!

Lakeside Winter CeremonyOne of our favorite winter weddings took place at Cypress Grove Estate House – the combination of semi sparkly details, greenery, and rustic details was sheer perfection.
We {almost} couldn’t believe that each of the table runners were handmade by the bride’s mom!


Real Wedding | Amber + Matthew

My oh my, Amber + Matthew were just the sweetest southern couple! Their summer soiree was the epitome of southern charm and included monograms galore, bow ties, tasty treats {a bacon bar and pie pops}, and lots of tradition.

Hats off to the ladies at Bluegrass Chic – they created this colorful bouquet with some unique options, including {would you believe it?} cabbage! Be sure to stay tuned for the full “recipe” for this fun bouquet =)

Bridal Bouquet

Bridal Party Gifts | Monogrammed Cups

Bridal party gifts :: each lady and gent received a monogrammed tote along with some extra goodies {a floral robe + monogrammed tumbler for her, a custom whiskey glass + bow tie for him}

Groomsmen Getting Ready

Rustic Gift Table

Rustic Lakeside CeremonyThe event space :: the decor Amber + Matthew selected had us swooning hard, from the lush ceremony floral + backdrop to the farm tables and mismatched dining chairs at the reception!

View More: http://wingsofgloryphoto.pass.us/final-29 Fit for a southern belle :: three simple white cakes from The Sugar Suite were adorned with fresh flowers {don’t forget that monogram cake topper!} and displayed atop one of Cypress Grove’s farm tables for guests to enjoy.

View More: http://wingsofgloryphoto.pass.us/final-29

Photos: Wings of Glory

Real Wedding | Sayhe + Frankie

It may have rained a bit on their parade, but our couple wasn’t going to let inclement weather damper their day. Their love for one another, bubbly personalities, and sparkly details were more than enough to make this a picture perfect wedding at Cypress Grove Estate House.

Talk about a show-stopping ensemble! Sayhe’s was all about the glamour, and chose a stunning trumpet style gown paired with some killer heels for her bridal attire.

Modern Wedding Invitations

Gold Bridesmaid DressesWe were swooning over the organic style florals, which were incorporated into bouquets and ceremony + reception decor.

Cypress Grove Estate House | Lakeside Ceremony

Tented ReceptionSayhe + Frankie chose a tent as their back-up option and also included flooring – believe us, guests appreciate not having to walk through semi-soggy grass!

Cypress Grove Estate House WeddingOur most favorite image of the lovebirds – did you know they say rain is good luck on wedding day? Stay tuned next week for more on this wedding superstition!

Photos: Landon Hendrick Photography

Real Event | Premium Lounge

Boy, do we love a good bridal show! Our team gets to pull out all the stops and partner with amazing vendors while showcasing our fav rentals. This year we sponsored the Premium Lounge {a unique VIP experience for brides}, which featured our newest boho-chic inspired social lounge, along with Seattle + Aspen {two of our signature collections}.

Favorite Friday | Timeless Bridal Beauty

We were absolutely in love with our bride’s wedding day beauty look! From flawless make-up {by Make-up by Meghann} to that stunning Anne Barge gown, Olivia truly fit the part of a blushing bride!

Classic Bridal Make-upPro tip: go for the false eye lashes! False lashes really make your eyes pop in photos, and they come in all sorts of varieties {strips, individuals, etc.} so even the bride wanting a more natural look can give these a try.

Bridal Beauty | Glamorous Bridal Gown

Bridal BeautyHow elegant are those lace appliques!? Olivia kicked up her bridal beauty a notch by adding super sparkly {and totally drool-worthy} earring and sandals {by Antonio Melani}.

Photos: Wings of Glory

Real Wedding | Alyssa + Ben

Combine a charming lakeside venue with rustic and champagne details, and you have one delightful soiree! The bride, Alyssa, is originally from the Central Florida area, but currently resides in Boston with her beau, so all of their planning was done from afar with our planning team. Alyssa + Ben are so incredibly detail-oriented and sweet, and their love for one another truly shined through during the wedding.

Church CeremonyThe ceremony was held at Annunciation Catholic Church in Altamonte Springs, where Alyssa grew up and went to school. My oh my, that church is absolutely beautiful!

Church Ceremony

Bridal Party PortraitAfter the ceremony, we made our way to the Cypress Grove Estate House for cocktails, dinner + dancing. The reception was set with farm tables, mahogany chiavari chairs, gold flatware, and gorgeous blooms.

Bride + Groom Lakeside PortraitWe loved that the couple stole away for a few sweet moments on their own ❤

Photos: Sunglow Photography

Real Wedding | Julia + Matt

Remember this beautiful wedding with lush floral and bold colors? We’re so excited to share more of Julia + Matt’s rustic, lakeside nuptials with you!

Firstly, can we all just take a moment to admire Julia’s stunning Watters gown?! It’s the perfect lightweight dress for an outdoor event, and most importantly, for twirling.

Watters Bridal Gown
We adore how the hues of champagne, blush + marsala tied together perfectly with touches of rustic details. We even got to team up with Lee James Floral to create a dreamy seating lounge used during cocktail hour. One of our favorite details, is our Berry settee – she makes such an impact!

Lakeside Ceremony

Berry Social Lounge
Last but certainly not least – the sweets! The Sugar Suite crafted this scrumptious, partially naked, 4-tier cake. Also present, was an array of treats varying from pecan pie to strawberry blonde cupcakes. We just love how these goodies were displayed on our Victoria buffet!

Sneak Peek | Julia + Matt

This sweet couple hosted a stunning event at Cypress Grove Estate House, full of lush floral, bold colors, and lots of love! We had a blast partnering with Lee James Floral {they’ve done amazing work at several of our weddings} to dream up a stunning social lounge – stay tuned to see more from their lakeside ceremony and rustic reception!

Bride + Groom Portrait at Cypress Grove Estate HousePhotos: Best Photography

Real Wedding | Jasmine + Johnathan

We love digging through the archives and reminiscing over past weddings! One of our fav soirées took place at Cypress Grove Estate House three summers ago – Jasmine + Johnathan hosted an outdoor celebration complete with yummy food, gorgeous bold florals, and a tent to boot {perfect for keeping out those afternoon Florida showers}.

Groomsmen Portrait

Southern Tented ReceptionTheir reception was the perfect mix of rustic elegance – the farm tables brought a touch of country charm while the crystal candelabras, lace runners, and mercury glass votives added just the right amount of elegance + sparkle.

Let’s take a second to talk about this cake! Bundles of colorful handmade sugar flowers graced four tiers of this sweet treat, making it {almost} too pretty to eat.

Southern Fried ChickenJasmine + Johnathan both love southern food, so fried chicken served with collard greens and shrimp + grits were a natural choice.

Bride + Groom PortraitPhotos: ArtPhotoSoul

Real Wedding | Liz + Leo

Bride Portrait + Hayley Paige Bridal GownIn case you couldn’t tell, our bride loves sparkles. Every piece of her bridal ensemble included pretty gems + glistening beads, and it was only natural to include more sparkles in the wedding decor {from the crystal chandelier hung in the ceremony gazebo to the table numbers + candle holders at the reception!

Lakeside Ceremony | Cypress Grove Estate House

We loved the gold accent pieces the couple incorporated into their sweetheart table design – it added the perfect touch of opulence!

Bride + Groom Portrait | Cypress Grove Estate HousePhotos: Amalie Orrange Photography

Tidbits + Details | Inspiration

We just love being able to inspire clients with our designs =) Our bride, Bia, fell so in love with the Sangria station we featured in this styled shoot, that she decided she needed one of her own!

Sangria BarShe also selected several pieces to feature in a fun social lounge – the perfect place for her guests to mingle and sip on their sangria. Nestor + Baldwin were accented with petite floral arrangements, candles, and a vintage phone, while the sofas featured oversized pillows in bold patterns.

Social LoungeFeatured Inventory: Onyx, Haleigh, Goldie, and Londyn

Featured Inventory: Nestor {above left} and Baldwin {above right}

Photos: Wings of Glory Photography

Real Wedding | Kristin + James

Remember Cinnamon? Well, his mommy + daddy tied the knot in a beautiful wedding full of pretty purple + white details. He was just as excited {or maybe more excited with all the new faces to play with} as we were for this sweet couple to finally say “I Do!”

Bridal Portrait | Purple Wedding DetailsBlossoms Orlando created stunning bouquets in shades of purple, lilac, and lavender, which paired perfectly with the amethyst bridesmaid dresses.

Groomsmen Portrait

This groom, lol! James was such a fun-loving guy from the get-go, and put a smile on everyone’s face throughout the day.

Custom Wedding Coverse ShoesThe couple exchanged gifts before the ceremony, one of them being these awesome “bridal” Converse {the groom changed into his new shoes for the reception}! Even sweet little Cinnamon got a present =)

I love items that do double duty – like the table numbers that doubled as “thank you’s.” Pro tip: This is a great way to be cost effective since the couple only had to print one thank-you per table instead of one per guest.

Dessert DisplayOh, the sweets table! Instead of doing one large wedding cake, Kristin + James opted for a small cake and lots of yummy treats for their guests {cupcakes featuring oreos, peanut butter cups, fresh strawberries, and Andes mints}.

Photos: Bumby Photography

Real Wedding | Marla + Roland

We just can’t get enough of the elegant weddings taking place at Luxmore Grande Estate! They’re all just so full of love + laughter, just like Marla + Roland’s spring nuptials.

Luxmore Bridal SuiteThe bridal suite has officially been dubbed the “VIP Lounge” – not only does it boast a luxurious seating area, but also a fabulous changing area! Each lovely lady gets her own space to hang her dress and store personal items {purse, dancing shoes, etc.}.

Bridal Party | Luxmore Grande Estate

The Jessup Garden + patio are enchanting areas with lots of greenery, perfect for ceremonies and cocktail hours.

Luxmore Grande Estate

Luxmore | Grande BallroomThe couple chose to keep a clean, neutral color palette, which allowed the pretty pastel colors in the centerpieces and cake to pop!

Bride + Groom Portrait | Luxmore Grande Estate

Photos: KMD Creations

Real Wedding | Jane + Richard

After 12 years together, Jane and Richard wanted a destination wedding with a gorgeous backdrop and they found it at Cypress Grove Estate House. Their intimate spring wedding was a family affair with their closest relatives and 2 children. We worked closely together to pick the right vendors that would assist in creating the wedding they always envisioned for themselves.

C022Jane thought of every detail for her attire. She embraced subtle embellishments from her gown to her peek-a-boo heels.


The ceremony was an emotional one as there was not a dry eye in the house. The kids expressed sweet words of gratitude and of course a laugh or two.

C101Coordinating weddings such as this one, remind us of how grand love truly is.


C148Photos: Ashley McCormick Photography

xoxo, Shadow

Sneak Peek | Liz + Leo

Our sweet couple hosted a vintage inspired garden wedding at the stunning Cypress Grove Estate House, and we’re just smitten with the lovely images captured by Amalie Orrange Photography! Be sure to stay tuned for the full feature on Liz + Leo’s soiree!

Rustic Vintage Wedding SignageThe bride incorporated just a handful of rustic touches, which paired perfectly with the subdued color palette of pinks + ivory.

This dress! The bride picked out a {stunning} gown by a favorite designer – Miss Hayley Paige.

Bride + Groom Portrait | Cypress Grove Estate House

Real Wedding | Nicholas + Olivia

My, oh my, was Nicholas + Olivia’s wedding a beauty! This fun-loving and energetic couple picked a perfect winter day for their outdoor shindig, and we’re so excited to finally get to share all the details with you!

Bridal Party PortraitSee, we told you they like to have fun! Stop by the Cypress Grove Estate House Facebook page to see another fun detail the couple incorporated into their big day =)

Vintage Rentals | Emerald + White Wedding ReceptionHow adorable is this pastel social lounge our styling team dreamed up!? Our vintage pieces started out at cocktail hour and then made their way to the reception later in the afternoon {so guests could rest their feet from breaking it down on the dance floor}.

Garland will forever be a favorite design element, and adding a handful of pretty flowers gives a nice pop of color!

Lovebirds Vignette | Emerald + White Wedding ReceptionThe couple hosted a super gorgeous reception featuring all sorts of lovely design elements {and a yummy, plated meal} – gold chargers, simple {but stunning} florals on guest tables, and calligraphed table numbers.

Sweet Spot VignetteThree cakes? Yes, please!

Bride + Groom PortraitPhotos: Wings of Glory Photography

Sneak Peek | Caitlin + Alex

? Meet the new Mr. and Mrs. Morehead! ?

This wedding was truly a family affair. The love these two receive from their families was overwhelmingly beautiful to see. The more we got to know each other the more I learned that they appreciated not only each other’s quirks but their strengths. Caitlin and Alex couldn’t be more perfect for each other. Planning + styling this wedding was such a joy and reminded me why I love what I do.

Photos: Amalie Orrange Photography
Photos: Amalie Orrange Photography


Tidbits + Tips | Be Bold

When it comes to choosing colors + decor, don’t be afraid to go bold! Featuring fresh color palettes and patterns lends a unique look to the decor and can really showcase the bride + groom’s personalities. One of our couples, Christine and Sean, used a funky blend of steampunk details with vintage rentals to create a look that fit their style perfectly!

Social Lounge | RW Events

The couple chose to mix vintage and modern by using eye catching stripes, vibrant shades of red + purple, and lots of fun little details {like that vintage rotary phone}.

Social Lounge | RW Event

Bride + Groom Portrait | Victorian Steampunk | RW Events

Photos: Amalie Orrange Photography

Real Wedding | Jessica + Casey

We just love spring time – blooming flowers, pretty pastels, and lots of weddings! Our coordination clients Casey + Jessica incorporated both lovely florals and a color palette of delicate shades of pink and green into their Cypress Grove event.
The morning started out with the gals primping and prepping in the bridal suite, while the guys arrived later in the afternoon.

Bridal Suite | Cypress Grove Estate HouseGroom + Groomsmen | Cypress Grove Estate House

Once the bride was all dolled up, she and her groom met for their first look in the rose garden. It’s one of our favorite spots for a first look at Cypress Grove, and Jessica + Casey’s private moment there was so sweet!

Lakeside Ceremony | Cypress Grove Estate House

A simple, yet elegant, reception was held in the amphitheater, and let me tell you, this group LOVED to dance! They enjoyed a fun filled evening under the stars while breaking it down on the dance floor!

Outdoor Reception | Cypress Grove Estate HouseOutdoor Reception | Cypress Grove Estate House

Photos: Molliner Photography

Real Wedding | Eva + Jeff

Just last week we helped Eva + Jeff celebrate their marriage at the always stunning Cypress Grove Estate House. 30 of their closest family + friends attended the lakeside soiree, where the couple hosted a sweet ceremony followed by an elegant reception with dinner + dancing.

Eva utilized the sunshine-filled bridal suite at Cypress Grove to capture some stunning shots of her gown, bouquet, and other bridal accessories before getting ready for the ceremony. The bride’s bouquet, from Flowers by Lesley, had two very sweet personalized touches – a rosette made from her dad’s shirt and lace from her gown {used to wrap the stems}.

Bride + Flower GirlCypress Grove Estate House Lakeside CeremonyFrom the bride: “We wanted our event to be light and romantic. The Richards did a wonderful job at capturing that feeling and all the vendors helped in making it a great day. Rachel {our coordinator} was absolutely amazing in helping me with the small details and organization. I would definitely recommend to any future bride to have fun and let it be easy. I had a great time planning and truly enjoyed my entire wedding day and felt extremely relaxed and taken care of by the entire staff. I could not have asked for a better day!”

Cypress Grove Estate House ReceptionOne of our favorite details was the couple’s wedding cake, created by The Sugar Suite! It incorporated delicate gold scrolling and hand crafted pink peonies {and was almost too pretty to eat}.

Bride + Groom Portrait | Cypress Grove Estate House

Photos: The Richards

Real Wedding | Nikki + Ryan

Nikki + Ryan married at the oh, so beautiful Cypress Grove Estate House, and their wedding was a perfect combination of DIY details paired with our vintage rentals. Read about the couple’s inspiration for their wedding below!

From the bride: “My one word of advice is DON’T BE AFRAID TO TAKE RISKS. My (now) husband and I decided on a wine themed wedding – I mean who doesn’t like wine? We thought we could utilize the common day wine materials for DIY projects to help save costs. Searching Pinterest and the web we started to develop our picture perfect wedding. With the help of family and friends we made a luxurious wine cork chandelier, eye catching wine bottle trays, and spray painted wine bottles with DIY labels for center pieces. Our vision would not have been complete without the help of RW Events wedding rentals. We captured our theme with two flower filled wine barrels lining our ceremony aisle, a wine barrel table topped with a beautiful candy display, and the rustic elegance of our sweet heart set. With the help of RW Events, and a little bit of creativity, we designed our dream wedding that we will cherish for a life time.”

Mismatched Bridesmaid Dresses | RW EventsI don’t think I’ll ever get tired of mismatched bridesmaid dresses – it’s a great way to keep all the girls within the same color palette while letting them show some of their personality =)

Featured above {right}: Finn
Featured above {left}: William + Creamie
Photos: Captured by Belinda Photography

Tidbits + Tips | Choosing a Venue

There are lots of factors to consider when selecting a wedding venue, but one that we think is high up there on the list – how it photographs. After all, you’ll be looking through your wedding photos long after the event is over, so make sure you choose a location that is going to look as stunning as you do!

Two things to take into account when thinking about how a venue photographs:

Lighting – the type of lighting used can really change the look of a photograph, and we have to admit that we prefer natural light over studio lights. It gives photos a soft, natural feel, whereas studio lights can sometimes be too harsh. When you tour a potential venue make a mental note of light sources in all the locations you’ll be using, and make sure you don’t forget the bridal suite!

Bride + Groom Portrait | RW Events

Photo ops – a venue that offers lots of photo locations is a great venue indeed! If you’re considering a hotel or other venue with public areas, ask if locations you like can be closed off for a short period of time so you can have the space all to yourself =)

Grand Staircase | Four Seasons Resort Orlando | First Look | RW EventsGrand Staircase | Four Seasons Resort Orlando | First Look | RW Events We were blown away with the dramatic elegance of the staircase at the Four Seasons Resort Orlando. It makes a stunning backdrop for bridal portraits and first looks, like this one from Kylie + Erlie’s spring wedding.

Bridal Portrait | RW Events
This is one of my most favorite bridal portraits – it’s refined + elegant, and the simple, modern backdrop showcases the beauty and intricate details of the bride’s gown + veil.

Photos: Ross Oscar Knight Photography

Tidbits + Tips | Have Fun

Weddings are all about celebrating love with friends + family and having lots of fun while doing it! Don’t let the stress of wedding day get you down by incorporating fun “activities”:

  • Setup a photo booth – we don’t mean one of those boring sit in booths you see all the time. Talk to your photographer and planner about creating something unique and memorable. The photos captured from your booth can make for great favors, and duplicate photos can be used to create an album for you to keep!
  • Photo booth with Vintage Rentals | RW Events
    Photo: Wings of Glory Photography

  • Lawn games – life sized Jenga, croquet, corn hole, and even horse shoes are fun and simple games to setup. They’re great to have for guests during cocktail hour while you and your bridal party are taking photos. They also make for some awesome photo moments =)
  • Cypress Grove Estate House Lawn Games | RW Events | Harmony Lynn Photography
    Cypress Grove Estate House Lawn Games | RW Events | Harmony Lynn Photography
    Groom: “Please let it fall…”
    Cypress Grove Estate House Lawn Games | RW Events | Harmony Lynn Photography
    Groom: “Victory!”
    Photos: Harmony Lynn Photography

  • Grand exits – these are pretty standard nowadays, but that doesn’t make them any less fun! Have guests light sparklers, blow bubbles, wave streamers {glow sticks are a unique option, too} as you and your sweetie take off as newlyweds!
  • Cypress Grove Estate House | Grand Exit | RW Event | Concept Photography
    Photo: Concept Photography

What are other things you’ve incorporated into your wedding to make it fun and stress-free?

Real Wedding | Strawberry Fields

Nothing says sweet love like getting married on a strawberry field, and our March featured wedding was just that! Our adorable couple Maggie and Tripp’s big day took place on the bride’s parent’s farm.

Bridal Party | RW Events

The day started out with the RW Events team in full swing. We packed all of our mismatched chairs and tables and our other favorite vintage rentals and headed to the farm. Once the dance floor was set and the cake topper was on the party started. The whole night was filled with love and laughter! We hope you enjoy these sweet pictures from their big day!

Reception Tent | RW EventsReception Tent with Mismatched Chairs | RW EventsSweetheart Chairs | RW EventsGift Table | RW Events

Fun fact: The brides father actually helped to build the beautiful Victorian home where the wedding was held, and we couldn’t help but swoon over its beauty.

Grand Exit | RW Events

Tidbits + Tips | Videography

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, and that makes us wonder how many words a film is worth. While photography is a wonderful way to capture still moments {and we’re suckers for amazing photos}, video allows us to hear the words we spoke, see the {happy} tears we cried, and relive the joy and excitement of the most precious experiences of our lives. That’s why we just love when clients decide to hire a videographer! They can capture all the elements of your wedding day and compress them into one stunning video that can be played as many times as your heart desires.

Pro tip: turn watching your wedding video into a date night! Grab a fuzzy blanket, lots of tissues {for all those happy tears}, turn off your cell phones, and cuddle up with your sweetie while you reminisce about your perfect day.

Moments | Behind the Scenes with an RW Events’ Bride

What is a moment? A moment is defined as:
:a very short period of time
: a particular time; a precise point in time
: the present time

The moments we witness, as our brides prepare for their wedding day, are magically endearing.

Moments of Preparation :: The sheer excitement of something as simple as laying out the wedding dress to getting their hair and make-up done… to the bride putting on her wedding day jewelry the groom surprised her with.

RW Event s| Bridal GownRW Events | Bridal GownRW Events | Getting ReadyRW Events | Getting Ready

Moments of Friendship :: the bridesmaids helping the dashing bride bustle her gown, fix her veil, or simply get into the elevator to start the processional.

RW Events | Getting ReadyOrlando_Wedding_Planner (6) (1280x853)

All of these moments lead to the most important moment of all… The first time the groom sees the woman he plans to spend eternity with. Ah, the look on Michael’s face is THE reason we LOVE our job and treasure moments such as these! Their wedding ceremony at Grand Bohemian Hotel was truly romantic!!

RW Events | Groom First Look

Real Wedding | Christina + Ricklen

This sweet couple hosted an elegant garden inspired wedding at Cypress Grove Estate House. They decked out this lakefront venue with lush florals, sparkly chargers, and some of our favorite rentals – farm tables! Did you know we have these in two sizes – our standard 8′ farm tables and 60″ square tables? Mixing these with round guest tables gives the reception space just the perfect rustic touch =)

Elegant Garden Inspired ReceptionElegant Garden Inspired ReceptionVintage Inspired Social LoungeBride & Groom at Cypress Grove Estate House

Photos: Ashley McCormick Photography

Featured Inventory
Square Farm Tables
Tiger Settee + Chair

Luxmore Grande Estate Feature

We’ve recently hosted several open houses and a fashion show for Central Florida’s wedding vendors, and we were so excited to hear all the wonderful comments they’ve made about Luxmore Grande Estate! We are over the moon that everyone loves this gem of a venue as much as we do =)

Luxmore Grande Estate

See the full post here.

Real Wedding | Marian + Adam

How stunning was Marian + Adam’s Cypress Grove Estate House wedding!? We loved the pretty purple hues the bride chose {these were incorporated in the floral and our vintage rentals}, along with the marquee they hung behind the sweetheart table. So fun!

View More: http://tabmccausland.pass.us/vendorsView More: http://tabmccausland.pass.us/vendorsView More: http://tabmccausland.pass.us/vendorsView More: http://tabmccausland.pass.us/vendors

Photos: Tabitha McCausland

Floral | Velvet & Twine

Brooke and Travis’s spring wedding makes our hearts flutter! Their floral, provided by Velvet & Twine, was nothing short of magical goodness. Their floral had bits of coral charm peonies, ranuculus, roses, and lots of pretty greenery, just to name a few! The blooms and greenery gave off such an earthy and organic feeling, which was perfect for the spring nuptials. -Rachel

Velvet + TwineVelvet + TwineVelvet + Twine

Photo: Vine & Light Photography

Moments | Samantha + Her Flower Girl

This moment of our bride, Samantha, with her flower girl just makes me happy =) I love ceremonies and receptions, but it’s always the behind the scene moments that hold a special place in my heart. Whether it’s the bride reading a sweet love note from her groom, a first look {or first touch}, or the bride twirling with her flower girl, the moments not seen by guests are always some of my favorites. -Kim


Moments | Maggie + Tripp

This picture shows a favorite “moment” of mine for reasons that you can’t see in the picture. This is a recreation of a photo taken 30 years earlier on the same bridge, of the bride’s parents just after they were married. The ceremony was held in the same church and the reception was held in the same place as well, the bride’s childhood home. It doesn’t get more special than that. -Katie

Bride + Groom Portrait

Photos: Rania Marie Photography

Moments | Katie + Travis

Katie & Travis had the most loving, sweet personalities throughout the planning process, and that completely translated through to their wedding day in July. I can promise you that there wasn’t a single dry eye during their ceremony as it was so full of emotion, love and laughter. That beloved look that Travis made when he first saw Katie walking down the aisle, is the look that any bride-to-be could ever hope for! These photos capture the emotion of their ceremony so incredibly well, it’s like we’re there again witnessing the love. -Rachel

Cypress Grove Estate House WeddingCypress Grove Estate House WeddingCypress Grove Estate House Wedding

Photos: Nima Photography

Desserts | Party Flavors

I’ve seen a lot of amazing cakes come out of the Party Flavors shop, but the clean lines and simplicity of this three tiered beauty make it my favorite from 2015 {plus, I will forever be obsessed with gold accents}. It’s just so elegant and refined, and those sugar flowers? Perfection. -Kim

Elegant White, Gold, and Navy Cake

Photo: Andi Mans

Desserts | The Sugar Suite

Our planning clients, Chiara + Danny, truly had such a magical wedding that we’ll never forget! There were so many beautiful details from the stunning floral, to the tables and chairs, and Chiara’s two gorgeous gowns. One of the most memorable details, however, was the lovely cake! The impressive sever tiered dessert, by The Sugar Suite, had hues of blush, ivory and metallic silver, and was adorned with texture and sugar flowers. What once was the ceremony gazebo, turned into the most elegant place to cut the cake with hanging chandelier, draping and floral pieces. -Rachel

The Sugar SuiteThe Sugar Suite

Photos: Sublime Studios

Real Wedding | Sunset Soiree

Our Canadian clients, Ashley + Brad, found the perfect destination wedding venue in Cypress Grove Estate House, and they treated 100 of their closest friends and family to a picture perfect ceremony + reception! Check our more from their wedding {including Ashley’s gorgeous bouquet} here.


Photos: Root Photography

Vignettes | Rustic Glam Dessert Display

I loved this entire wedding. The soft muted colors, the rustic details and the adorable couple! This is a wonderful depiction of rustic elegance. Our double barrel table, Emmett, stood under the bright crystals of a chandelier and was framed in sheer draping to create a dramatic contrast between elegant & rustic. Topped with sweets & goodies, this dessert table became a focal point for the evening! -Katie


Photos: NIMA Photography

Vignettes | Sweetheart Table

Shannon & Myles’s sweetheart table vignette is my absolute favorite to date! That swagged draping makes our hearts skip a beat! The lush greenery and pink blooms pair perfectly with our ‘Caroline’ sweetheart farm table and ivory chairs. The floral wreath and lanterns hung above the table give such a romantic feeling that we just adore! -Rachel

Rustic Elegance Sweetheart TableRustic Elegance Sweetheart Table

Photos: Amalie Orrange Photography

Bridal Fashion | Hayley Paige

Let’s all take a moment to appreciate our May bride, Katie’s, stunning gown! This gorgeous gal is wearing the ‘Kadence’ gown with detachable bolero, by designer Hayley Paige. Katie picked out this dress at one of our favorite bridal boutiques – Calvet Couture Bridal. This strapless, lace gown is pretty darn beautiful on its own; however, adding the jeweled bolero really kicked it up a notch. We think it matches Katie’s personality perfectly, and fits her like a glove! -Rachel

Hayley Paige Wedding GownHayley Paige Wedding GownHayley Paige Wedding Gown

Photos: Andi Mans Weddings

2015 Recap

Well, 2015 is almost at an end and to celebrate a year of amazing weddings we’re sharing our favorite trends and events from the last 12 months – so stay tuned over the next several weeks to see our top picks for bridal fashion, desserts, floral, and more! For those of you who are just as excited as we are to relive these wedding moments, here’s a little sneak peek of what’s to come =)

Untitled 5Untitled 6Untitled 4

Real Wedding | Luxmore Grande Estate

Where do we even begin? Turning Luxmore Grande Estate into a wedding venue has been no easy task, but boy-oh-boy did our renovations turn out even better than we planned! A fresh coat of paint, new chandeliers, room demos, and so much more has given Central Florida a stunning luxury event space, and we were so excited when Nicki + Ronnie decided to say “I Do” with us!

Luxmore Grande Estate | Outdoor CeremonyLuxmore Grande EstateLuxmore Grande EstateLuxmore Grande Estate | Grand BallroomLuxmore Grande Estate | Grand Ballroom

Photos: Ashley McCormick Photography

Sneak Peek | Lauren + Derek

There’s nothing we love more than a good sneak peek! Lauren was the sweetest, most thoughtful and organized bride I think we’ve ever had. And Derek was absolutely hilarious – a complete goofball. I mean, instead of your standard “Mother & Son” dance, Derek and his momma did a rap-style lip sync on the dance floor (photo proof below)!
Bride + Groom Portrait | RW EventsBride + Groom First Dance | RW EventsMother + Son Dance | RW Events

Photos: Lisa Brennaman Photography

Real Wedding | Carly + Adam

If you haven’t noticed, October has been a busy month for us! We’ve gotten to work with some wonderful couples, including Carly + Adam. They came all the way from the UK to say “I do” at Cypress Grove Estate House, and they brought their amazing British style with them {a tea length dress, statement shoes, and the groom’s dapper suit + bow tie}! A fun little tidbit – the designer of the bride’s shoes puts perfume in the soles of each shoe, which left a lovely aroma after each step the bride took.


Photo: Tara Libby Photography

Real Wedding | Shannon + Myles

How adorable are our clients, Shannon + Myles!? They recently tied the knot at Cypress Grove and we’re super excited to share their wedding trailer – btw, we’re loving the use of drones lately. They capture such a unique perspective on venues and decor!

Tidbits & Tips | Be Different

Working with clients that want something just a little bit different is always like a breath of fresh air – and that’s just what we got with ceremony coordination clients Erin + Alex! Their outdoor event took place at Cypress Grove Estate House, but they brought in their own custom chuppah and hosted their ceremony on the lawn instead of at the gazebo {the most used ceremony location at Cypress Grove}. And what a stunning ceremony it was! Check out the rustic inspired design, crafted by Flowers by Milk & Honey.


Photos: Studio 829

Sneak Peek | Krystina + Casey

Being right in the middle of a busy wedding season, we’ve got a lot of sneak peeks coming for you =) Our day-of coordination clients, Krystina & Casey, wed earlier this month and we could not be more excited to share these sweet photos of the new Mr. + Mrs.! By the Robinsons captured the couple’s personalities perfectly. Krystina just absolutely radiates happiness! We’ll be sure to share more soon!

Bride & Groom | RW EventsBride & Groom | Cypress Grove Estate House | RW Events

Featured on Style Me Pretty!

Last month we partnered with the lovely Aislinn Bailey of Ais Portraits to design and style this gorgeous European inspired shoot {with just a few southern touches}. Aislinn wanted to incorporate rich fall colors with gold accents, and we just knew it was the perfect time to feature some of our new pieces – Nestor and Aubergine. Aren’t they just to die for!? Head over to SMP to see the rest of the feature and find out the inspiration behind the shoot.

Gold Calligraphy StationeryNesting TablesNesting Tables + GlasswareOscar Cake or Sweetheart TableFall Inspired BouquetAisPortraits-Fall-Harvest-Cypress_Grove-Orlando-156AisPortraits-Fall-Harvest-Cypress_Grove-Orlando-87AisPortraits-Fall-Harvest-Cypress_Grove-Orlando-82

Featured Inventory
Vintage Glassware

Vendor Team
Photography: Ais Portraits
Styling + Vintage Rentals: RW Events
Venue: Cypress Grove Estate House
Floral: Fleur & Lumiere
Rentals: A Chair Affair
Cake: La Petit Sweet
Stationery: Tassel & Trim
Hair/Make-up: Tracie Cervero
Dress: Something New Bridal Boutique
Headpiece & Veil: Fabiola Capo Bridal Millinery
Ribbons: Honey Silks & Co

Sneak Peek | Amanda + Matthew

We just couldn’t wait to share this stunning image of our couple, Amanda + Matthew! Their photographer perfectly captured a sweet, intimate moment between the newlyweds {these quiet moments away from guests are some of our favorites}. Swoon!

Bride + Groom Portrait | RW Events

Photo: Old Pine Pictorial

Tidbits + Tips | Making it Personal

Weddings are just the most wonderful events, and our team loves when clients add special personal touches! Our sweet UK couple, Fay + Dan, are parents to two fluffy bunnies {and some sweet little kitties} and since they couldn’t make the trip across the pond, the bride had these adorable cake toppers made to incorporate their furry friends into the wedding! What are some personal touches you’re incorporating into your wedding? Head over to our Facebook page and let us know!

Custom Cake Topper

Photo: Snap Photography

Real Wedding | Glamorous Rustic Wedding

Chiara + Danny’s wedding was beyond {fabulous}! So many little details {and some big ones} went into making this a chic rustic glam affair, from the woven chair sashes and sparkly napkin rings, to the hanging orchids and sky-high seven tiered cake!


Vendor Team
Catering: Big City Catering
Venue: Cypress Grove Estate House
Planning + Rentals: RW Events
Photography: Sublime Studios
Officiant: Sensational Ceremonies
DJ: DJ Carl
Floral: Lee James Floral Designs
Ceremony Music: Harpist Christine Macphail
Cake: The Sugar Suite
Chairs: A Chair Affair
Dance Floor: Letz Dance on It
Tent: Rentaland

Real Wedding | Navy + White Springtime Soiree

Jessica made such a beautiful bride, and her sweet fiance made a handsome groom ;)The couple celebrated their nuptials with 130 of their closest family and friends, and we had the absolute best time coordinating their ceremony and watching them say “I Do!” P.S. These two were just featured on The Knot! Check it out here!!!

Jessica + EricJessica + Eric 2Jessica + Eric 3

Vendor Team
Photos – ArtPhotoSoul
Floral – Flowers by Lesley
Catering – Big City Catering
Venue – Cypress Grove Estate House
Sweets – The Dessert Lady
DJ – Soundwave Entertainment
Officiant – Sensational Ceremonies

Real Wedding | Summer Soirée

It may have been a little dreary on Katie + Travis’ wedding day, but that didn’t stop them from having a beautiful event! When the plan changed last minute, Lesley {with Flowers by Lesley} worked her magic to create a romantic arbor backdrop for their ceremony, which was full of happy tears and laughter. Pretty gold + pink details, some super sweet cupcakes, and a cutie pie ring bearer topped off their day and made it one to remember!

Untitled 11Untitled 12Untitled 6Untitled 9Untitled 7

Vendor Team
Photos: Nima Photography
Venue: Cypress Grove Estate House
Day-of Coordination: RW Events
Floral: Flowers by Lesley
DJ: Soundwave Entertainment
Dessert: GiGi’s Cupcakes
Officiant: Sensational Ceremonies

Real Wedding | A Black-Tie Affair

We are just the luckiest planners in the world to have such adorable + sweet couples! Caley + Mike had a dream wedding at Cypress Grove Estate House, and they picked out some seriously gorgeous decor to complement the venue – gilded gold candelabras with just a touch of crystal {to match their chiavari chairs}, bowtie napkins {to add a little southern flair}, romantic florals, and a simple {but oh-so-sweet} ivory wedding cake with ruffles.

Cypress Grove Estate House | Bridal SuiteCypress Grove Estate House | Bridal SuiteCypress Grove Estate House | GroomsmenCypress Grove Estate House | Custom ChalkboardCypress Grove Estate House | Outdoor ReceptionCypress Grove Estate House | Wedding CakeCypress Grove Estate House

Vendor Team
Photos – Best Photography
Video – Beyond Videography
Design + Planning – Yours Truly!
Floral – Flowers by Lesley
Catering – Big City Catering
Venue – Cypress Grove Estate House
Cake – Pink Pig Bakery
Hair + Make-up – Brides Be Beautiful
DJ – Soundwave Entertainment

2016 Wedding Trends | Organic Decor

One wedding trend we’re excited to see stick around is simple, organic decor! Not only does it look stunning, but it accents our vintage inventory perfectly 😉 Cati + Kevin chose to incorporate lots of delicate greenery and simple white floral into their decor, and paired it with a selection of our settees, mistmatched chairs, and dining tables.


Photos: Ashley McCormick Photography

Sneak Peek | Caley + Mike

This beautiful couple {seriously, they could be models!} tied the knot at Cypress Grove, and we CANNOT wait to share the photos with you! It was a stunning black-tie affair full of sparkles, custom details, and lots of love <3 Check back next week to see some of our fav details! Cypress Grove Estate House | Lakeside Ceremony

Real Wedding | Intimate Spring Ceremony

Today we’re celebrating three happy month of marriage for our clients Fay + Dan! They tied the knot in front of seven of their closest friends + family and followed their ceremony with cake cutting and a champagne toast. Our favorite detail was the bride’s oh-so-fragrant pink peony bouquet!

Fay-39Fay-126Fay-28The bride has a few super cute bunnies back home in the UK so these custom made bunny cake toppers were totally fitting!Fay-322

Photos: Snap Photography

Real Wedding | Travel Themed Wedding

So many happy tears were shed for our sweet clients, Gwen + Ged! They hosted a stunning destination wedding {Ged is originally from the UK and the couple currently resides in Pennsylvania} at the Cypress Grove Estate House. They couple loves to travel, and since they hosted a destination event they chose to incorporate a mix of our styling inventory + goodies they collected from some of their favorite cities!

Videography: Willow Tree Films

Real Wedding | Romantic Pastel Spring Wedding

Ashley McCormick Photography did an {ah-mazing} job capturing Cati + Kevin’s wedding day! We provided coordination and styling services for this sweet {and absolutely hilarious} couple. Can we all just take a moment to admire Cati’s stunning dress and veil!? Our fav detail? That ceremony gazebo décor and peony bouquet, all crafted by Flowers by Lesley. There are so many glorious details of this wedding to take in, we hope you’ll love it as much as we do!

Lakeside Wedding Ceremony | Cypress Grove Estate House | White Gazebo DrapingVintage Pastel Glassware & Custom SignageVintage Sweetheart Chairs & Custom SignageBride & Groom at Cypress Grove Estate House | Bridal Veil

Photos: Ashley McCormick Photography

Real Wedding | Rustic Winter Fête

I must say this is by far my most favorite wedding from last winter! It was just so full of sparkly, rustic beauty {without being too much}! The subdued color palette blended perfectly with the natural beauty of the Cypress Grove Estate House, and our farm tables paired with French country dining chairs + gold rimmed chargers added the perfect touch of elegance.

Ivory Bridal Bouquet with PeoniesVintage Desk Sign In TableRustic Winter Wedding ReceptionRustic Winter CenterpiecesWinter Themed Wedding CakeSunset Bride and Groom Portrait

Vendor Team
Photos: Brianna Forster Photography
Venue: Cypress Grove Estate House
Floral: Carly Ane’s Floral Studio
Cake: It’s Tasty Too
DJ: An Affair to Remember
Styling + Day-of Coordination: RW Events

Real Wedding | Monica + Paul’s Lavish Lavender Affair

Oh my stars! We’re so in love with the dreamy photos of Monica + Paul’s wedding by Amalie Orrange Photography. Their gorgeous, lavender wedding took place at the Cypress Grove Estate House a little over a month ago. The lush floral throughout, provided by Flowers by Lesley, tied everything together so beautifully. Our favorite part of the night was when our sweet couple had their last dance together, alone, while guests were getting ready for the sparkler exit. It brought {happy} tears to all of us!

Cypress Grove Estate House WeddingCypress Grove Estate House Lakeside CeremonyCypress Grove Estate House Wedding Reception

Photos: Amalie Orrange Photography

Sneak Peek | Rustic Winter Wonderland

I’m literally sitting on the edge of my seat because I’m so excited to share Andrea + Josh’s rustic winter wonderland wedding with you! Here’s a sneaky peek of the goodness to come! And if you’re wondering, yes, that is mistletoe hanging from the gazebo 😉

Rustic Winter Wedding

Photos: Brianna Forster

Real Wedding | Lauren + Rob’s Colorful Soirée

What a sweet couple Lauren + Rob were! They worked with our styling team to dream up a coloful, vintage inspired wedding at the Cypress Grove Estate House, and featured pretty shades or mint + coral. One of our favorite details from their wedding – the ribbon backdrop we used behind their sweetheart table. It adds a fun pop of color and make a great statement piece.

Bride & Groom Portrait at Cypress Grove Estate HouseCustom Menu Chalkboard by RW EventsMint and Coral Outdoor Reception at Cypress Grove Estate HouseVintage Sweetheart Table with Tufted Chairs and PillowsCoral and White Ribbon Backdrop by RW EventsCustom Farewell Chalkboard by RW Events

Photos: Samantha Simmons

Featured Inventory
Creamie Tufted Chairs
Ribbon Backdrop
Floral Pillows

Sneak Peek | Vintage Pastel Wedding

Oh, la la! Talk about a pretty pastel wedding! Cati + Kevin hosted an elegant, vintage inspired wedding at Cypress Grove Estate House, and we just couldn’t wait to share the details with you – here are a couple behind-the-scenes pics of two our of favorite vignettes from their wedding {the social lounge + souvenir station}. We loved the vintage glassware provided as takeaways, and we got to feature two of our new matching, mint green settees!