Live, Love, Laugh Events | Vendor Spotlight

We always tell our clients they can’t go wrong when choosing a wedding planner from our preferred list, and that’s the truth. We’re incredibly fortunate to have a group of talented, kind, and professional planners! But this post is about one in particular, Rebecca with Live, Love, Laugh Events. Every client and vendor who’s lucky enough to work with Rebecca gets to experience her bubbly personality, beaming smile, and attention to detail! Even though the current climate is stressful for planning a wedding, Rebecca is adaptable and present for her clients. Her latest Luxmore bride said it best:

PICK REBECCA! She is such an amazing planner. She's very organized, was always a phone call away, and helped me plan during COVID-19. She made the wedding day flawless. I never felt like anything was out of place. She is very vocal about her opinions, which makes planning a wedding fantastic. You never knew anything bad would happen under her watch because of how on top of things she was. Since we got married during COVID, a lot of guests chose not to come the day of the wedding and she made the table arrangements work that day. Amazing planner, I will miss working with her!

Rebecca’s clients compliment her preparedness, organizational skills, and her ability to make an authentic connection. She makes every couple feel special and puts them at ease on wedding day. Our event team loves to work weddings with Live, Love, Laugh Events because it’s guaranteed to be a fun, on time, and gorgeous wedding day! 

Thank you, Rebecca, for making every event you work amazing!

Vendor Appreciation | Florida Candy Buffets

What’s not to love about Florida Candy Buffets!? Tasty treats {because you know we have a sweet tooth!}, stunning displays, and a fabulous owner makes them one of our favorite vendor pals and the “sweetest ever!”

Owner, Farida, is just like us – she likes everything in its place and picture-perfect! We’ll admit it – we’re both meticulous when it comes to placement ?

One of our favorite displays from Farida is this colorful {and delicious} summer display at Cypress Grove! Come on – donuts, gumballs, and cake pops? Yes, please!

Vendor Appreciation | Anna Christine Events

Christy + Laura, of Anna Christine Events, are the sweetest sisters we know, dubbing them our favorite dynamic duo! They are the brightest rays of sunshine, always arriving on wedding day with a smile on their faces and ready to help the couple have the best day ever!

These lovely ladies have been planning wedding for quite some time, and we love seeing their designs come to life at Luxmore and Cypress Grove!

They're pretty good at designing with us too!

Vendor Appreciation | Treasury Rentals

Award: Team Spirit

Emily, the spunky boss babe behind Treasury Rentals, is a gal after our own heart; she’s got an affinity for cool finds and has such a fun, eclectic style! Emily is our go-to when clients need that little something extra to finish off their lounge or tablescape; her pieces complement everything in our collection so well! She’s all about the team spirit when it comes to working together ?

Tabletopping like a pro!

Vendor Appreciation | Kristen Kring

Listen, people often scream that they are all for community over competition… but they do very little to prove it. Not our girl, Kristen. She runs the most sought after boho friendly venue in Central Florida and has always been an ally. 

The Acre is a hip property tucked in between Orlando’s swankiest neighborhood. It’s a collection of cool buildings, firepits, greenery covered walls, and the coolest team ever.

Kristen encourages all sorts of fun setups and we’ve even provided them with custom tables! She’s definitely our vote when it comes to “community over competition” – referring her is a no-brainer for brides looking for a bohemian-inspired venue .

Check out the bohemian goodness we've pulled off together!

Vendor Appreciation | Solutions Bridal

Award: Best “Dressed”

When it comes to bridal fashion, Erica always comes to mind as best “dressed”! Owner of Solutions Bridal, this boss lady’s {meticulous} attention to detail helps her snag the most stunning dresses, and we love using them for our editorial shoots! She’s always happy to jump in and make sure our models look fierce!

Have you had a chance to visit their bridal salon? They carry most of the top designers. Reem Acra, Netta Ben Shabu, Lela Rose, and Rivini just to name a few. Schedule an appointment today, let them know we sent you 😉 

Yas, diva!

Vendor Appreciation | Melanie Paige Events

We love our planners. We love their creativity, and the level of customer service. Most importantly, we love their obsession with our inventory. Have you met our girl, Melanie, with Melanie Paige Events? 

Whether it’s a styled shoot, wedding, or special event, we can always count on Melanie, owner of Melanie Paige Events, to incorporate our inventory into her designs; she’s definitely the rental enthusiast in our vendor circle! She’s also the queen of details and always makes event days a breeze for us {thank you!}!

A snippet of her work!

What’s the word for a person that “speed-talks”. Yeah, she won that award too 😉 


RW Gals 

Vendor Appreciation | Flowers by Lesley

Where do we start with Mrs. Lesley? She’s the absolute sweetest, always ready to jump in on styled shoots + events, and spunky when she wants to be ? Oh, and did we mention she loves cats? So much so, she’s become Peanut Butter’s favorite person {aka – Peanut Butter’s Jelly}! For those of you who don’t know, Peanut Butter is a kitty that’s adopted us and become Cypress Grove’s unofficial mascot. She’s the most spoiled on our team – Lesley always brings her treats!

Lesley’s floral skills are pretty amazing too and we love dreaming up creative designs with her! A few of our favs:

Let's not forget the many faces she makes during set-up - from happy, focused, to smitten 😉

Thank you for being so easy to work with and one of the best design partners we could ever ask for! 

Be sure to visit her on social media for more stunning inspo!

Haus 820 | Venue Highlight

Haus 820’s tagline “Our haus, your home” isn’t just a great play on words, it’s the truth. This incredible, industrial event space was a labor of love for the team behind it, and since 2017 it’s been the ideal venue for couples looking for open spaces, exposed white brick walls, and a place to call home- for the night!


With a capacity for up to 500 seated guests, Haus 820 is a blank canvas that you can add your own aesthetic to through style and design, and you know we’ve got you covered there! Natural light streaming in from the restored warehouse windows, an amazing color block wall featured on the outside of the building and industrial touches like pendant lighting and exposed ceilings are just a few of the reasons we can’t get enough of Haus 820. 

As a rental and styling brand we really get to stretch our creative muscles when clients book us for Haus 820 events. Modern, boho, traditional, glam…really any theme you can think of feels alright at home in this space, as does any type of event! Weddings, birthdays, branding campaigns, the list goes on. As a brand that prides itself on attracting different types of clients, we always get excited to work at a venue that does the same.

 We’ve had the pleasure of styling events and photo shoots at Haus 820 which has given our team the opportunity to see how our products look best in the space. The open concept allows us to create three distinct set ups (ceremony, cocktail hour and reception) in one room. The experience is easy and exciting for guests because as soon as they enter, the celebration surrounds them! 

Located in Lakeland, Haus 820 is easily accessible for couples and guests travelling from Tampa and Orlando. It’s a gem of a venue that we couldn’t love any more than we already do! 


RW Gals 

Preparing for Your Beauty Trial | Featuring Jazz It Up Artistry

Preparing for your wedding day usually consists of checklists of do’s and don’ts, to-do lists, and digging through blogs for the perfect vendors. After all, brides want to have the perfect wedding and a big part of that is the “look {aka – your dress, hair + make-up}”. You’ve chosen the perfect hair + make-up artist, and you’ve scheduled a trial to make sure your look can be executed to perfection. But what else can you do? Believe it or not, the success of your beauty trial depends on how you prepare. Check out some tips from our vendor pal, Jasmin Doublette, owner of Jazz It Up Artistry:

So, you’ve been searching for the perfect team to perform beauty services for the wedding day and you have found them! Yay!

What’s the next step? Usually 3-6 months out from the wedding most brides book their trial run which is another term for a practice round before the wedding. This is where you’ll be able to test out any wants you were thinking for hair and makeup, as well as give the artist a chance to perfect the look you are going for so there are no surprises on the wedding day. So how do you prepare for your trial?

Step 1

“Search the internet for inspiration.  Pinterest is a top favorite among most. Search for pictures of the look you want to accomplish. Think about the style of your wedding dress and what look you think would complement it the most {romantic, glam, boho, vintage, etc.}.”

Prep for your beauty trial by gathering inspiration images of your hair and make-up.

Step 2

“Purchase any accessories you are thinking of debuting on the big day for your hair and bring them to your beauty trial. This will give you a glimpse of how beautifully everything will come together and allow you to tweak accessories if they don’t look the way you hoped.”

Be sure to bring your wedding day accessories to your beauty trial.

Step 3

“Skin prep – drink water like a fish! Great water intake will ensure your skin is in tip-top shape for your beauty trial and more importantly, the big day.”

Bonus Tips

“Try not to bring too many friends with you to your appointment. Unlike a dress fitting, your beauty trial should be saved for 1-2 of your closest friends or family. Space is usually limited at a salon or makeup studio.”

“Use it, don’t lose it – Schedule your trial around a dress fitting or bridal shower if available. Why waste a full face of makeup and styled hair? No dress fitting or bridal shower to attend? No problem. Did someone say date night?!”

“Remember to stay true to yourself. Comfort level plays a big part in the look of your wedding day. So, try not to veer off too much from your normal. Example: if you are someone who normally wears your hair down, you probably won’t be super comfortable with the look of it being totally up, and vice versa, or if you don’t normally wear a full face of glam makeup, you probably won’t be totally comfortable with that for your wedding day.”


Wedding Cake | Interview with a Baker

Love is sweet, but more importantly, so is your wedding cake!

We chatted with Michelle Crawford, Owner, Chef and Cake Artist of Bakers Cottage Cakes to go over all things delicious and learn a little more about her creative insights!

How did Bakers Cottage come to be?

“How much time do we have? ? It had been suggested that I should go to “cooking school”. My aunt was a very colorful lady and a bit rough around the edges, so when she made this suggestion, I believe it went something like, “You’re always making that “Foofoo Sh*t” (Can I say that?) and everyone seems to like it. I mean, I don’t like it but everyone else seems too” and well, crass or not, it planted the seed.

After earning a degree in Pastry and Baking, I worked as a baker at the Swan and Dolphin Hotel under a Chef that held the, “#1 Pastry Chef in the World” title and WOW, this was such an amazing experience!!! I went on to work for a small catering company as the pastry chef and it was there where I was bitten by the “Cake Bug”. I had the opportunity to make a few cakes and play with sugar art for the first time and I fell in love with the art of making cakes!

This was when I decided that if I put in the long hours working for myself that I had been dedicating to my employer, maybe I could build my own dream. I started off in my outdated tiny kitchen, which grew into having a small studio in my finished garage. From there, I juggled working from a commissary kitchen, my studio and office space I would rent to meet with clients. BUT… recently, as in the past couple of months, we have just moved into our own location! Yes Ma’am, we are OFFICIALLY a Wedding Cake Boutique!!!”

Blue three tiered wedding cake with coral pink flowers and petals, detailed with gold flecks.
Photos: Amalie Orrange Photography at Luxmore Grande Estate

What made you fall in love with baking and cake decorating?

“Having the opportunity to create Edible works of Art! We eat with our eyes first, so it’s important to capture the attention of the guests who will eventually enjoy the cake. Sculpting Sugar Flowers is my all-time favorite thing to do!! I am obsessed with beautiful cakes and the detail that is in each complex cake design. “

Any trends you or your clients are loving?

“I love that our couples are being so imaginative lately! Even if they envision a more classic simplistic design, the hands-on approach with my client’s involvement with their designs excites me. If the design leans more towards an elegantly understated trend, then I get to play with the florals. The more elaborate a cake design the more playful I get to be, and I embrace any opportunity! I get to flex my artistic muscles.”

What’s your personal favorite cake flavor? Is there a crowd favorite amongst clients?

“This seriously depends on the time of year! Right now, I am all over our Vanilla Cake with Cinnamon Steusel, Apple Pie Filling and Swiss Meringue Buttercream!! Our Lemon Poppy Seed Cake with Blueberry Cream Cheese Filling and Swiss Meringue Buttercream is pretty tasty too. (You’ll find Alecia always asking for a slice of this ?)

However, our Coconut Cake with Berry Delicious Filling and French Meringue Buttercream is out of this world!!! Recently I have had one of the pair state that they really hated coconut, much to their partners dismay, who on all occasions, LOVED coconut. It tickles me, because the reaction is so extreme. On each and every occasion, they try our Coconut Cake and each time the partner that hated Coconut, LOVED IT! This weekend we have five weddings, four of them are with Coconut Cake!

A Client Favorite is definitely our Orange Almond Cake with Lavender Honey Caramel Filling. This is one of our Signature Flavors that I invented when I auditioned for the position as a pastry chef.”

Creamy yellow marbled wedding cake with white and silver flecked sugar flowers. Atop a vintage white, roll-top desk.
Photos: Casie Marie Photography at Cypress Grove Estate House

How early do you recommend clients order their wedding cake?

“The earlier the better! We are usually one of the last vendors couples tend to book but we lose the opportunity to work with really wonderful people when they wait too long to reserve their order. One year may seem extreme, but it isn’t unheard of. Six months would be preferred for sure. “

The hanging cake chandelier, what gave you that idea? Would you say that is a signature of yours?

“Yes, It certainly has become a big thing for us! I came up with the idea when I walked into the Luxmore Grande Estate. A few months before visiting Luxmore, I had been doodling on a sketch pad one afternoon and sketched out a chandelier covered in flowers. I thought, wouldn’t this be a cool thing to do for a wedding. The very 1st time I walked into the Luxmore, my mouth dropped open seeing the amazing staircase. As I approached the passthrough, just under the landing, I told the person next to me, “someday I want to hang a cake right here”. They looked at me like “OK Crazy”. But HA! I got to do it! ?”

Elborate hanging white and gold wedding cake. Flanked by grand staircase featuring lush greenery.
Photo: Flora Bloom Photography at Luxmore Grande Estate

Want to see more of Michelle’s incredible wedding cake creations? Be sure to check out Bakers Cottage Cakes on Instagram + Facebook and let her know we sent you ?


Bridal Boutique | Winter Park Fashion Showcase

The Bridal Finery | Fashion Showcase

Throughout the month of June, The Bridal Finery hosted fashion presentations in their Winter Park bridal boutique. Their presentations feature what is currently trending in bridal fashion, beauty, and wedding decor. Wedding professionals, local influencers, and real brides attend this event, and The Bridal Finery Fashion Director, Jamie O’Neill invited us to provide a curated collection of rental pieces to showcase.

The Bridal Finery | Bridal Boutique Showcase
Floral: In Bloom | Sweets: Bakers Cottage Cakes

The Inspiration

Romantic, wild summer blooms inspired this summer’s bridal presentations. Jamie loves to encourage brides to choose unexpected wedding colors and textures for their big day so varying shades of blue, lavender, beige, and mustard were incorporated into the color palette. In Bloom’s wild and romantic design paired perfectly with the overall aesthetic and featured pampas grass and roses. We chose a selection of rental pieces that complimented the floral inspiration as well as the bridal boutique setting {including Slate Settee, Amelia, Gwen, and Walnut}.

The Bridal Finery | Bridal Boutique Showcase
Photos: Rudy & Marta | Models: Premier Model Management | Hair + Make-up: Michele Renee the Studio

Unique Experiences

The Bridal Finery is known for their one fitting room experience. By styling one bride at a time, brides receive the ultimate bridal experience. For the fashion presentations, the large fitting room was the backdrop for the event. Our collection of rentals brought the full vision together and transformed the room into a romantic, dreamy space.!

Kim {with featured guest blogger, Jamie O’neill}

The Acre | Venue Spotlight

A Combination of Outdoor Rustic Charm and Whimsy

The Acre | A Combination of Outdoor Rustic Charm and Whimsy
Featured Inventory :: French Country Chairs | Chloe

Are you searching for the perfect backyard venue for your bohemian wedding?  Then look no further than The Acre! This unique outdoor event space is located in the heart of historic College Park, near Downtown Orlando.  

Some quick FAQs; 

  • The venue can host up to 250 guests 
  • They offer packages for both weddings & private events 
  • They offer intimate wedding packages as well! 
  • Free onsite parking 
  • Fancy Bathroom Trailer Provided 
  • Catering Kitchen Located On-Site 
The Acre offers three outdoor ceremony locations, including The Stage, The Vine Wall, and The Tiny House.

The Acre has three fabulous ceremony locations on the grounds!  

  • The Stage is perfect for a more traditional setup, or if you want to ensure the couple is the center of attention! This area is great for a unique floral arch or arbor display. 
  • The Vine Wall is definitely on trend with all the greenery we’ve seen highlighted in weddings this season. This location is ideal for the bohemian bride. 
  • The Tiny House creates an eclectic backdrop if you want something more unique and a little quirky. The historic structure has recently been renovated and creates a lovely photo-op. 
The Acre features a lawn area, which offers a blank slate for your wedding decor.
Featured Inventory :: Bohemian Decor | Bennett

The lawn at The Acre is the largest open space and creates the perfect blank slate for your event. It’s an excellent space for a tent or a unique structure. Or keep the lawn open to enjoy the stars and romantic market lights! The barn, which houses the bar, accents this space and can also be used as a covered dancing area or band set-up. There are areas in the garden where guests can roam, and enjoy a fire pit. Lastly is the popular Mirror Patio, featuring a stunning brick courtyard, which works well for the dance floor, DJ Set-up, cocktail hour, or a lounge area! 

The Acre's bridal suite is spacious and overlooks the grounds.
Featured Inventory :: Bohemian Decor

The Acre also includes a spacious bridal suite in their upstairs loft. It’s large enough for the bride and her squad to get ready, and also overlooks the grounds. The guys haven’t been left out as there’s also a Groom’s Suite just behind the ceremony stage. Finally, there is the Chapel Hall located towards the back of the property. This is an intimate indoor space that could be used for smaller receptions, an indoor food/dessert display, soft seating, etc.

Want more details on this gem of a venue? Contact their team here!


Candid Chats | Wedding Planner

Wedding Planner Highlight

A Q&A Session with Jennifer Lopez of Bella Sposa Events

The owner of one of Orlando’s fastest growing wedding planning companies and the pastel princess herself, Jennifer Lopez, was sweet enough to do a Q&A session with me. Find out about her personal style, favorite wedding moments and what it’s like to be a full-time wedding planner. 
Q: When did you start planning weddings, and how did you get into the industry? 

A: I started my business in February of 2016. In 2013 I was working for a wedding design company that partnered with some amazing planners and I would help them out whenever the planners were needing an extra hand. I didn’t think I would ever become a planner being that I grew up in a small town and planners didn’t exist. It has been the most amazing and rewarding thing I have ever done in my life, what a blessing it has been! 

Q: How many weddings do you take on in a year?  

A: I personally take on about 60 weddings a year, which is a lot! The average planner does 25-30, but what can I say, I love what I do! My team and I take on about 130 a year. I love my girls, they’re amazing and I don’t know what I would do without them. They seriously rock! 

Q: How would you describe your personal style?  

A: I would love to say I’m pretty trendy! I love big fun earrings, shirts that say fun things on them, and I love me a cute pair of Keds! I love everything pastel, so If you’re looking for dark that’s not me. I am bright and bubbly when it comes to my attire, I always want to be picked out in the crowd. Hello, Kate Spade! 

Rentals Pictured: Willow | French Country Chairs

Q: Who is the most memorable couple that you have worked with, and what made them so memorable?  

A: Oh my gosh, this is a really hard question! I would have to say my very first Full Planning and Design Clients, Tess & Tyler. I connected with them on a personal level and we are still friends to this day. I enjoyed working for them because it didn’t seem like work. They always made me feel so comfortable and were always so easy to work with. They truly made me love what I do. It doesn’t always work this way, so I cherish the clients that I establish this amazing connection with! 

Q: What has been your favorite styled shoot that you have designed so far and why? 

A: My favorite shoot so far has been at Haus 820 in Lakeland, everything about this styled shoot was amazing! All the details, colors, and vendors made it absolutely flawless! 

Photos: Flora Bloom Photography

Q: What is one memory you have from a wedding that you’ll never forget?  
A: I had a wedding at Bella Collina a few months ago where the Father of the Bride made it a point to stop everyone and thank me from the bottom of his heart for everything I had done. Him doing that in front of everyone made me feel so loved and appreciated. It is very rare that people thank me in front of everyone, so it really made me feel so special. 

Q: What is the most rewarding part of being a wedding planner? 

A: I don’t think there is anything more rewarding than seeing everything come together on wedding day. I love when I say goodbye to my clients at the end of the night and they tell me it has been the best day ever! That’s all I ever want for our couples so that’s always the most rewarding part. 

Q: What is something that you want future clients and/or the reader of this blog post to know about you? 

A: That I am the most chill and kind-hearted person in the world. I truly believe everyone deserves the most amazing wedding day no matter the budget, venue, or style. I really love what I do and my team and I are here to make sure you have the most amazing day ever. This has been the most rewarding thing in my life and I plan to continue to make sure that all our future and current clients have the BEST DAY EVER! 


Spotlight // Vendor of the Month

| Anna Christine Events |

Are you a bride who has been dreaming about your big day since you were a little girl? Perhaps you ran around with a pillowcase on your head and made your sister play the groom? If so, you are exactly like our March recipient of the totally cool and awesome award, Christy Subler, owner of Anna Christine Events! Just like our couples, we love working with Christy! She, along with her sister Laura (aka – her childhood groom) are dependable, experienced, and so much fun to be around. As if our couples don’t keep Christy busy enough, she also finds time to lead the CFWA chapter! Get it girl! Looking for a planner, a friend to swap keto recipes with, or need a date to Freddy’s…Christy is here for you!

How did you get into wedding planning?
I started on the corporate planning side an then in 2008 not really knowing what I was doing honestly and everything sort of fell into place naturally.

What’s it like working with your sister?
It was a pivotal moment for my business. She has the insight into me that no one else does. She knows my strengths and weaknesses and we work so well together.

Whats’s your favorite part of wedding day?
Room reveal, for sure!! It’s that moment they see all their hard work put together.

Who is your ideal Anna Christine Events couple?
The couple who want to celebrate their relationship with friends and family versus just replicating something from a magazine.

What distinguishes you from other planners?
We are the calm in the middle of a storm. Our clients and other vendors look to us as a touchstone. If they see us they think, oh they aren’t nervous or worried so we don’t have to be.

How do you handle unexpected surprises on event day?
Experience. I can think on my feet when it comes to problem solving and love working with my vendor team to come up with a solution.

What’s something we should all know about you?
I love my family! I am fortunate enough to have a tightknit, large family and they are a huge reason I am who I am today. And it’s why I view my clients as family. My brides are like my little sisters I am here to help take care of and guide ?


Spotlight // Vendor of the Month

| KT Crabb Photography |

Another month, another incredible vendor deserving of our really awesome “Vendor of the Month” award! Special shout out to February recipient, KT Crabb Photography! Aside from quite possibly being the sweetest person alive, our girl Katie is incredibly talented! So much so, she was our 2019 Lookbook Fashion Editorial photographer! Have you seen the stunning double exposure cover she created for us?!?!

Yes we love her, but so do her couples and industry creatives alike. Get to know our favorite New York loving, yoga guru some more below:

How did you get into photography and grow your business into what it is today?
It all started out as a class in college (go Knights!), and I was asked to capture a friend’s proposal. Being able to share those images and see the emotion they evoked (man did they cry), it was such a valuable interaction, and everything just fell into place. Here we are 11 years later! 

Who is your ideal client?
Someone who values the marriage the most, but appreciates the aesthetics of the day and their guests.

How would you define your photography style?
I am a fine art, film photographer who loves to capture tangible love and share it so you can look back and keep coming back to that overwhelming feeling of emotion.

Who inspires you as a photographer?
Rodney Smith, it is incredible how he saw the world through his iconic shots and Eric Ryan Anderson who I studied under, and he taught me the importance of a calm presence and creating an atmosphere of ease.

What are some of your favorite moments to capture?
It changes every season based on where I am in my own life honestly. When I was engaged, it was the walk down the aisle. Once I was married, it was the bride seeing herself for the first time. Now that Albert (her cutie pie we can’t get enough of) and I are thinking about growing our family, I love capturing the parents with their children.

Any bucket list locations you would love to shoot at?
Hawaii, New Zealand, Lake Como and I would love to capture a pop-up wedding!

Anything exciting planned for the 2019 year?
Yes! I am shooting my first European wedding this year! I also would like to expand the company by adding another team member as well as expand into the luxury market more!

You’re a little quiet, what’s something everyone should know about you?
I am not afraid to try something new and I am all about experiences!

If you haven’t already, check out Katie’s insane talent at @ktcrabbphoto


Vendor Spotlight | Lee James Floral Designs

We’re so blessed to get to work with amazing vendors like Lee James – he loves what he does and always blows us + clients away with his designs! His creative talents have been featured on numerous wedding blogs, in Orlando Home & Garden, and he’s won several awards for being such a rockstar florist!

KT Crabb Photography {above left} | Liga Photography {above right}

Amalie Orrange Photography
Amalie Orrange Photography

Floral Recipes | Summer Blooms

Whether it’s bold blooms, unique elements {like herbs or veggies}, or an eye-catching design, we’re always excited to see the creations florists dream up for our clients. One of our latest favs – this bridal arrangement from Bluegrass Chic. It was the perfect combination of southern staples and summertime florals!

Summer Bridal BouquetPhoto: Wings of Glory

Floral Recipe | Chocolate Sunflower, Antique Green Hydrangea, Purple Cabbage, Peach StockChocolate Sunflower | Antique Green Hydrangea | Purple Cabbage | Peach Stock

Floral Recipe | Thistle, Verbinum Snowball, Peach Spray RosesThistle | Verbinum Snowball | Peach Spray Roses

Vendor Spotlight | Gian Carlo Photography

Gian, of Gian Carlo Photography, is one of our {many} rock star vendor pals – we love his unique perspective on wedding photography and his laid back personality. He’s a great fit for any couple looking for not-so-traditional wedding photos!

Groom + Groomsmen
He’s got an amazing “in the moment” style of shooting, which really helps to tell the story of your wedding day, and no matter what venue he’s at, he always manages to find amazing spaces for portaits and group shots.

Bride + Groom PortraitBe sure to stop by his site to check out more from his portfolio of {amazing} work!

RW Chronicles | Fashion Show

Our team at Luxmore Grande Estate was thrilled to host a bridal fashion show for Calvet Couture Bridal – I mean, who wouldn’t be excited about gathering with vendor pals, sipping a little bubbly, and swooning over gorgeous bridal gowns!? Models sashayed and twirled through the ballroom, showing off the intricate details of gowns from some of our favorite designers – Hayley Paige, Amsale, and Claire Pettibone.

Luxmore Bridal Fashion Show

Head over to the Luxmore Grande Estate Facebook page for some behind the scenes photos and a peek into the bridal suite!

Bridal Fashion | Sarah Seven

I chose this dress as a favorite because on paper, it’s not something I would expect to like. I was unsure about the sleeves and thought it was kind of plain on the hanger. After this shoot though, this dress demanded that I change my mind. It proved itself as an elegant, feminine, romantic & bold gown that deserved to be appreciated. So kudos to you Sullivan, you’re my pick of the year! -Katie

Sullivan | Sarah SevenSullivan | Sarah SevenSullivan | Sarah Seven

Photos: Tiffani Jones Photography

2015 Recap

Well, 2015 is almost at an end and to celebrate a year of amazing weddings we’re sharing our favorite trends and events from the last 12 months – so stay tuned over the next several weeks to see our top picks for bridal fashion, desserts, floral, and more! For those of you who are just as excited as we are to relive these wedding moments, here’s a little sneak peek of what’s to come =)

Untitled 5Untitled 6Untitled 4

Featured Vendor | Carly Ane’s Floral Studio

Oh, how we love fall! Cool breezes, apple cider, rich colors, and lots {and lots} of weddings =) You know what else we love? Creative vendors – just check out this stunning arrangement dreamed up by Carly Ane’s Floral Studio! They featured this {any many other} centerpiece at Cypress Grove’s recent tasting, and we can’t get over they incorporated fresh fruit into the arrangement. It added a fun texture and a gorgeous Merlot color to the piece!

Fall Centerpiece with Fresh Fruit

Photo: NIMA Photography

Vendor Spotlight | Ashley McCormick Photography

Ashley McCormick Photography is just one of our {amazing} go-to vendors for stunning wedding photos, and we have the pleasure of working with her often at Cypress Grove Estate House, and soon-to-be Luxmore Grande Estate! Here are a few tidbits about sweet Miss Ashley:

  • What should a bride expect from a consultation with you? Consultations are held at my studio in Mt. Dora, FL, where we will chat about all things wedding and photography, so that I can get the perfect vision of your day! We’ll go over the best time of day for photos, timeline details, the style of your wedding and how I shoot. All while snacking on some fresh baked macaron’s from the custom bakery down the street!
    • If you could describe your style in 3 words, what would they be?Classic, natural and true. I’m a natural light photographer who wants your images to be just as beautiful in 50 years as they are today. I am not one for super trendy styling, but I prefer a classic approach to photography, giving you that timeless feel. And true? Well, that’s the emotion I always strive to express through your images. I want the love between you and your spouse to be visible above all else. Nothing fake or stiff feeling, just showing the love the two of you share together.
      • Tell us one unique or quirky fact about yourself! I have a “thing” for even numbers. Even meaning not odd. When I got married years ago, I picked my wedding date because it was all evens – April 8, 2006, or 4.08.2006. All of my friends tease me about it, including my husband!

      Ashley McCormick Photography

Vendor Spotlight | Sprinkles Custom Cakes

We recently popped into Sprinkles Custom Cakes, located in Winter Park, and are quite smitten. The shop is under new management, and the owner, Richard Gregory, was so kind to chat and show us around. You’ll be sure to notice the shop on Fairbanks Ave, with its fresh, bright blue paint, darling garden, new signage, and the sweetest window display. In the meeting space, they have a slew of cakes in all different varieties. From bling, to crafted flowers, to hand painted goodness – couples are sure to gather inspiration in creating their custom wedding cake at Sprinkles! Richard also has a display with cakes for the groom, bridal showers, birthdays, and celebrations. The best part of our visit, undoubtedly, was tasting the delicious cake! I love how they do tastings family style. Richard has a tray of multiple cake flavors, with various fillings around the border; this way you can mix and match the cake with the filling to find your perfect taste!

Sprinkles Custom Cakes

If you’re still looking for your dream cake – most definitely check out Sprinkles Custom Cakes!

Hayley Paige Trunk Show

We’re assisting our {fabulous} friends at Calvet Couture Bridal Salon with a little styling during their upcoming Hayley Paige Trunk Show. Be sure to schedule your appointment today!

Hayley Paige Trunk Show

A bit about Hayley’s gowns:

“Fresh, lively, and confident, Hayley Paige embraces sweet femininity with a touch of edginess. Alluring contrasts are glimpsed in pairings like twinkle and matte, giving each dress an unmistakable charisma that enhances the bride’s own captivating charm. Balance is found in the union of textured details such as hand appliquéd lace and flutters of sheer fabric, evoking a feeling of whimsical refinement. And as a finishing touch each dress is named, bringing to life its unique spirit. These effortless, flirty feminine silhouettes all say one thing – something wonderful is about to happen.”

Venue Spotlight | The Acre

We like finding hidden gems. We LOVE finding hidden gems in Central Florida offering the perfect setting for vintage, rustic, or eclectic inspired weddings. Located in Orlando’s historic College Park neighborhood, The Acre Orlando boasts of such character!

Their website describes the location as… “Not just tin-roofed barns and tropical gardens, The Acre is the perfect combination of outdoor rustic charm and Orlando whimsy. The Acre is, in the words of Orlando Weekly, “the best event space you never knew existed,” because there truly is nothing else like it in all of Florida.

The Acre features outdoor amenities and five unique buildings on one beautiful acre of land, just minutes from downtown Orlando. We were lucky enough to style the interior for a product shoot featuring some of our boldly rustic farm tables, tufted chairs, and gold accents.

Special thanks to Kristen Weaver Photography for the images!

rustic-wedding-inspirationrustic-weddingantique-chinarustic-farm-tableantique-china-rental__Kristen_Weaver_Photography_KW33838 - Copygold-dining-chairsamber-glasswareorange-tufted-chairs

Eclectic Couture

“Love is a force more formidable than any other. It is invisible – it cannot be seen or measured, yet it is powerful enough to transform you in a moment, and offer you more joy than any material possession could.” Barbara de Angelis

I’m not sure this applies to Alexis… the look on her face warmed our hearts. 🙂 Our pals at Solutions Bridal did a fantastic job styling Alexis. Eclectic Couture is the look she was aiming for, BRAVO, well done!  More of their fantastic Rosen’s Shingle Creek wedding is coming soon!

Photo Credit: Caroline Johnson Photography

RW Events, Orlando Wedding Planner | Orlando Vintage Rentals

Couture wedding gown


Couture Wedding Gown


P is for Pie Bakery

Do you know how hard it was to oversee set-up and NOT eat all of these delicious goodies from P is for Pie. Our gorgeous bride, Courtney, steered clear of the traditional wedding cake and opted for these yummy desserts for their wedding guests.

Are you crazy for pies as well? If so, mosey on over to website and check out the yumminess on the menu. One of our favorites: cheesecake cutie pies and oatmeal whoopie pies!! Their Central Florida bakery is located at 2806 Corrine Drive, Orlando, Florida 32803.

Call Tara today to set up your tasting! Photo credit: Wings of Glory Photography

p is for pie p is for pie p is for pie p is for pie