Floral Galore

Get ready to be inspired by a wedding that was nothing short of magical at Luxmore Grande Estate in Winter Springs, FL. The couple decided on a simple and elegant approach, letting their flowers take center stage, and the result was simply breathtaking! They hosted a two-day event, with day 1 taking place at the Holy Trinity Reception Center in Maitland, FL.

We checked in with their florist, Lesley with Flowers by Lesley, to get the deets on how they came up with all the floral designs. 

Q: Did the couple have any inspiration for the floral design, or did you take the lead and offer guidance?”
A: “They had a Pinterest board with some ideas and we kind of expanded from there, the colors stayed the same but we tweaked a few things to stay almost in budget lol.” 

Q: How was the color palette for this wedding decided on? Were there any specific flowers that the couple requested or that have special significance?
A: “Bride had chosen those colors along with some guidance from her planner that was hired to help with the whole process. No special flowers, it was just the color that was important, that really helps as we don’t like using artificial colors/tinted at the farm flowers, as a whole we prefer to use all natural colors.”  

Q: Any challenges you faced while creating these arrangements? 
A: “Challenges we really had was reusing the flowers from Friday to Sunday’s event, making sure they were kept in the cooler and as fresh as possible.” 

Q: How do you ensure the stability and durability of large installations like the floral arch? 
A: “Wherever possible and as the venue allows and thankfully Luxmore is very understanding. We like to build the base of the arch at the flower shop and finish it off on site for the ceremony. Large structures like this take up a lot of room and are difficult to transport without getting damaged, plus they are very heavy and can be difficult to move around, it is much better to do on site, and they stay fresher.” 

Q: How do you see floral trends evolving in the coming year? 
A: “I think brides are really trying to be careful with the budget and trying to reuse flowers from ceremony to reception, this is both good as it cuts on waste but also can need extra labor and a contingency of extra flowers to refresh if needing both adding to the bottom line. They are steering more towards a natural just gathered look, not too much foliage and very asymmetrical.” 

Q: How did the venue, Luxmore Grande Estate, influence your floral design? 
A: “Luxmore is a beautiful venue, we knew the arch was going to move behind the sweetheart table after the ceremony and the large bay window is the perfect spot for this. We walked the arch from the garden to enter through the front doors and navigate between the chandeliers to position in the center of the bay window. We were able to reuse the flowers, with a little touch up, in front of the table as well from the initial event on Friday.” 

Q: What advice would you give couples planning their wedding flowers? 
A: “I would say, be flexible on the type of flowers, go with the colors and try not to be too specific in the type, we are dealing with a perishable product that travels a long way to get here before we process and design. If you have a budget, share it!!  Hopefully you will trust us, and we can provide the overall look and design you dream of. Our goal is to make that dream a reality (with trying to stay within the budget lol). If you are going to reuse flowers from the ceremony to reception, know that they may not look as good at 6:30 for the reception as they did at 3 pm for the ceremony, especially in the heat of a Florida day. Budget for extra to refresh the flowers as needed and the extra labor to do so…” 

This wedding at Luxmore Grande Estate is a beautiful example of how keeping things simple can create a powerful impact. By allowing the flowers to be the star of the show, the couple crafted a day that was both elegant and unforgettable. For those planning their own wedding, use this as inspiration – sometimes a pop of floral color is all you need to make your wedding day truly spectacular!