A Gorgeous Alternative

Rain on your wedding day is apparently good luck.  While that’s up for debate, one thing we know for sure is that the rain plan spaces at Luxmore Grande are equally as gorgeous as our outdoor ceremony spaces! After all, weddings are stressful enough without having to feel the disappointment of having a not-so-photo-worthy ceremony spot as your only option.

Couples at Luxmore have two stunning, indoor ceremony locations to choose from:

The Estate Room

The Estate Room accommodates up to 80, and has a stunning {faux} fireplace, serving as the perfect spot to add florals and greenery. This room also features two sets of bay windows, another great backdrop for ceremonies!

Grande Ballroom

For groups over 80, the Grande Ballroom is the perfect space. Featuring three chandeliers and more bay windows {can you say great lighting!?}, the ballroom makes for a stunning indoor space. Post ceremony, guests exit for cocktail hour and our team flips the room for the reception. The addition of entryway draping ensures guests don’t see the set up and breakdown and also adds a touch of elegance to the space.

Ceremony facing the bay windows.

The Flip

Cocktail hour on rainy days is located on the front patio and in the foyer, library and parlor. Guests stay dry and get to enjoy the unique rooms inside the Estate!

Of course we’re biased and think our indoor spaces are the best, but would you believe that lots of couples choose to host an indoor ceremony regardless of the weather? One of the perks of a Luxmore wedding is not having to worry about a tent: you’ll know the wedding will be gorgeous no matter what!