We like a good party, but we LOVE when we can help bring a client’s vision to life! Amy hosted her bridal shower at the Conservatory at the Alfond Inn in Winter Park Florida. The setting is gorgeous open space with tons of natural light, complete with domed ceilings. The bride to be wore a stunning Zac Posen 3/4 length dress paired with gold Dolce & Gabbana Mary Janes and wanted a vintage theme to match. Looking for décor in a soft pastel palette with lots of blues and gold. Take a look at some of her (and our) favorite design elements and get a bit of insight into her process with RW Style! 

Three specific elements come to mind that were curated by RW and took my breath away:  

My welcome sign: I knew I wanted one, and I knew I wanted some gold element/ and a fresh flower element. My designer told me not to worry about it, she would make it perfect….and WOW what a way to welcome my guests! It was acrylic, giving it a modern flare but still classic with cursive gold font and beautiful flowers. I was thrilled to see it come to life.  

My dessert station: Thanks to RW I was able to secure Michelle from Bakers Cottage Cakes to do our absolutely INSANE spread of cakes, pies, eclairs, macaroons, cannoli’s, chocolate covered strawberries and MORE…RW works with Michelle frequently and together they selected the perfect pieces of furniture, pie stands and floral elements to make the dessert station a stand out piece of our Bridal Brunch! I really only went to a super fun cake tasting and supplied RW with several inspo pics from pinterest and they did the rest!! I love mermaids and the ocean, so the team was even able to throw in an decor element of “trading her tail for a veil” with a vintage flair. Everyone was smitten. 

The balloon arch: I have wanted a floral and balloon arch forever, but I get nervous that most balloon arches look like a 5-year old’s birthday or an entrance to the petting zoo at the county fair LOL. The RW team took my inspo pics and concerns about making the balloons look organic like the are falling to the floor with many balloon varieties of shape, size and color, plus the incorporation of fresh florals…and they truly created something that deserves to be in a magazine. There is nothing on the internet that comes close to what they made for me…trust me I’ve looked lol. The idea of putting it on a backdrop to provide structural support AND a way to display my “Miss to Mrs.” sign and special Bride Chair with gift station was genius. And again, the small details down to the rug placement and side tables was absolutely impeccable. I cannot say enough. The backdrop provided the perfect place for bridal portraits too; photos I will cherish for life. 

“My mother and I had found RW at a bridal expo, where the representative was fun and informative with a great sample of their furniture and decor; after which we went to an open house at the warehouse and saw everything RW had to offer. I was so impressed!!  I felt like I could have been blind folded and spun around and STILL have chosen an amazing set of furniture for the shower. But even better, the team at RW events was well put together and followed up with me not only about furniture selections, but a way to make all my design dreams come true...a personal bridal shower designer and coordinator that would handle all the details for me while using all of the ideas that I had collected over months of scouring pinterest and every bridal magazine known to man!! The furniture choices were easy to make...but having someone artistically design seating areas with rugs, small decor items like a vintage GOLD telephone??? Having someone there to set up the room while I giggled with my girls in our suite???PRICELESS. The RW team was also open to using special vintage items from my grandmothers, including cut glass vases and a gold mermaid to carry beautiful cream, blue and peach flower display.  I am usually a major control freak (haha!), super type A with attention to small details and specific ideas about how exactly I want things...but the more I worked with RW, the more I realized that I could trust them to pull this off and in many cases I could let them do their work without meddling too much! Overall, I would encourage every bride to take this time and make it everything you ever dreamed of...being engaged to the man you chose to partner with for life is a HUGE and WONDERFUL decision and you deserve to celebrate it in every way. This is your chance!!! Don't miss it! While the bridal shower is traditionally something hosted by the maids, and is often a surprise, I would encourage brides to think outside the box!”

Whether you’re looking for a collaborative experience or you want us to take the reins RW Style will never disappoint. With a carefully curated collection, fresh ideas and attention to detail we can transform any space to exceed your expectations. Just ask Amy 😉 

Special thanks to Sara Kauss Photography for the photos!