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With the holiday being upon us, parties are in full swing! I don’t know about you but I was feeling a little rusty on the whole hosting front. 

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So, let’s go over a few basic tips to help you entertain this holiday season:

    • Personally, greet everyone (or as many as possible) upon arrival
    • SMILE! Sounds easy enough but hosting can be stressful at times
    • Stimulate the senses – the aroma of the food, a well-dressed table, and a little background music will do the trick!
    • Introduce the newcomers , no one should feel left out
    • Offer up a beverage upon arrival – mocktails are a must! 
    • Have plenty of food and drinks (a little variety is important too 😉
    • Enjoy yourself
    • Thank them for coming when they leave

Remember to keep the conversation light by avoiding controversial topics.

Party on, friends!

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