The Brands

RW Brands (aka RW Events) is a boutique event management company with a focus on the client experience. We’re based in Central Florida and while we call Orlando home, we’ve been known to service events in Tampa, Jacksonville, and the surrounding areas.

About the Brand

It started as a casual conversation between two best friends, one decided to move on and pursue her dream of accounting, while Tamuel Cowart took the reins, solo and mastered this thing called wedding planning (pre-social media, influencers, and millions of books on how to plan your wedding – listen, pimping wasn’t easy!).

Fast forward a bit while inserting this disclaimer: wedding planning will always have a special place in our hearts, but we learned we’d rather help elevate your event with chic & stylish décor (sprinkles of razzles & dazzles, if you will). So, we retired from planning, convinced Mr. Cowart to pivot from his career and join the ranks to run the rental division!

Then there’s the venues and retail store, Miscellaneous. One day we’ll have to share a mocktail, or two, so we can explain how they came to be. Enough about us, how can we help with your event?

I mean, it’s going. 20 years strong that is!

2020 forced us to take a long look at what we were doing well and needed improvements as we adapted to the new normal. We’re committed to forming strategic partnerships with brands & companies that share our vision & commitment to our clients and amazing community.

The Team