((How many times have you heard this since announcing your engagement?))

Now that the initial excitement has settled, I’m sure you’re ready to jump into the planning. One of the first to-do’s on the list of many is finding the perfect venue! The interweb is full of information on this topic, some good, some not so much. Hoping for the former with this one!

We tour our fair share of potential clients, in various stages of planning. We want to ensure that you’re armed and prepared with ‘useful’ information when deciding to visit either Cypress Grove Estate House or Luxmore Grande Estate! Let’s jump into the basics:

Cypress Grove Estate House 

Luxmore Grande Estate 


Now, now, don’t search for your wedding venue like we search for million-dollar homes on Zillow if the coins don’t match the search. Narrow it down to realistic expectations such as outdoor ceremony, guest capacity, budget, aesthetics, and inclusions.

Once you’ve fine-tuned your searches, start reaching out to those you’re most interested in and as that information starts to roll in:   


Read the packages and information provided - it's too important to simply scan. The frequently asked questions are  full of useful information on catering, noise ordinances, vendor requirements, and so much more! 


How much will it cost? A good salesperson will send a proposal before you ask, but if you haven't gotten one, ask them to draft a quote with your preferred selections. Or use our handy budgeting calculator if you want to play around with different guest counts and package options!


Know what's most important to you. Would you rather splurge on custom attire,  the honeymoon, or something else vs. your dream venue ? Knowing your priorities will help you decide which venues to tour and invest time in.

Now, you’re ready to schedule the tour!! 

Come Thru

You’ve booked the tour, you’re excited to see the space, now what? During the tour:  

  • Ask questions! Probe and expect to be probed – come prepared with a list of questions that are important to you. Never be afraid to ask even the “silliest” of questions. You never know what little detail may make or break your decision.
  • While on the topic of decision makers, invite them to tour with you. It’s important for them to see the space they’re investing in.
  • Trust the vibe! When you walk into a venue you’ll know whether you like it or not for your wedding. So don’t second guess yourself!
  • Take notes! When touring a lot of venues, it may be hard to remember specifics about each one. Taking notes can help you keep things straight when you go back and compare them.
  • Follow your instincts. If it feels like the right venue, don’t wait to book. You may miss out on your perfect date if you take too much time shopping around.

Courtesy tip: if the venue isn’t the right fit, let them know. Show them the same level of respect they’ve shown you, by responding to their messages instead of ghosting them. Please & thank you!