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The Women Behind the Brand | Alexis

It’s been a hot minute since we introduced our team! Most of our clients + vendors meet these fierce ladies touring the venues and working events, but we wanted you to get to know us a little more personally – outside of events 😉

For those that don’t know me, I’m Alexis! You can find me strutting the offices of RW and industry events in my heels. You can always hear me coming – some may call that heavy feet, but I call it walking with a purpose! This year’s my two-year milestone with RW Events and I’m ready to fully embrace the hospitality industry and expand my network! I’m equal parts The Challenger + The Helper and I have a passion for this business.

In the office, I’m very goal-oriented – sales is my game, but boy do I love to play! Make no mistake, I’m no one-trick pony; I pride myself on being a jack of all trades. Customer service and hard work have always been part of my skill set. Lately though, I’ve been finding a love for the creative, chatting all things rentals + pretty aesthetics gives me all the feels!

Out of the office, I’m an extrovert through and through. I love feeding off good vibes + energy, and I’m always down to hit up happy hour with the gals. Fun fact, the team always catches me jamming to music or musical soundtracks in the office – I guess you can say I’m a bit of a nerd. This year I’ve made it my mission to come out of the gate full force and start taking action toward some new and exciting things for the brand and myself! It’s starts with building my network, so if you’ve seen me at an event and wondered “who’s that” or we’ve never met, drop me a line! I’d love to snack on charcuterie, sip on a cocktail, and dive a little deeper with you! 

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