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The Women Behind the Brand | Kimberly

Hey, there! I’m Kim – some people call me a unicorn because they hear about/from me, but never actually see me in person 😉 I’ve worked for RW Events for 10+ years, and about five years ago I relocated to Arkansas. I was so blessed to be able to keep my position with the company and work from home, so that’s why I’m not around too often. Why Arkansas, you ask? The Florida heat and humidity are not my friends, I love the cold but not snowstorms, and the seasons here are AMAZING! Color-changing leaves, wildflowers in the Spring, lake days in the summer {I’m not a beach person – no sand or sharks for me!}, and cozy fireplaces in the winter – yes, please!

Working for a small company for such a long time has really given me the chance to learn the ins and outs of the business; I’ve got my hands in all the pots at this point – marketing, client accounts, vendor relations, human resources… you name it, I’ve probably done it!

Being a unicorn is great {I’m pretty introverted so I love having a solitary work space}, but there’s one downfall – if you haven’t been following the RW brand for quite some time, you probably don’t know me! That’s my goal this year, to make myself more visible. Starting with, you guessed it, Instagram! Be sure to follow me at @rwevents_kimberly – I’ll do my best to update bi-weekly for now 😉

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