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The Women Behind the Brand | Maddie

I’m Maddie, the {not so} new kid on the block! I might have a baby face, but I sure know how to run the show! If you’ve seen me at one of our venues, I’m probably running around eager to find someone to help {I love to lend a helping hand}. I started with RW Events as an intern last year, and but even COVID could keep me away 😉 I’m back and finally getting the hang of this brand manager thing.

Making people feel taken care of it my favorite thing in the world {hello fellow enneagram two’s}! I’m your go-to-girl if you need support of an extra set of hands. I also like to keep busy and have a “no task is too small” mentality. Learning to balance event management, sales, design, and networking in this role has really pushed me out of my comfort zone and I could not be more grateful for that!

In the office, I’m known as the introverted and accepting Gen Z who wears too much black and never down food. In my free time, you’ll most likely find me at a UCF sporting event, theme park, or snuggled up with my fur baby, Sophie, and reading a book. I nerd out over Harry Potter but recently have been super into philosophy {so interesting, I know}. It’s safe to say I’m equal parts old soul and a child at heart, so I get along with just about everyone!

My goal this year is to put myself out there more and find my people in the industry. If we haven’t had a chance to really chat, shoot me a message and let’s change that! My calendar always has room for coffee or cocktail 🙂

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