…Hit different! Wouldn’t you agree?

First of all, there’s no real fall weather in Florida. But that doesn’t stop us from being basic with the Pumpkin spice lattes and exaggerated use of persimmon, sage, emerald, and merlot. 

**My neighbors decorated their front porch (in between the palm trees) with some faux leaves, bales of hay, and pumpkins (no judgement ;))**

But when it comes to tabletop… the fall color obsession is year-round! 

The floral

When planning out the tablescape we wanted to limit our use of gold accents since the floral was so vibrant.

The floral stands were a little sumthin’, sumthin’ we whipped up in-house. They’re stained with our signature wood and created that monochromatic look we didn’t know we needed 😉 

Oh, and that table is Bubba paired with our Chic French Country Chairs