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Let’s face it, Florida weather is fickle AF! It’s sunny one minute and raining the next. We totally get it – you love Cypress Grove Estate House because of the gorgeous tree-lined street, the lakeside gazebo, and dancing under the market lights 😍 

All of that sounds lovely, until… BOOM. The thunder rolls in and the rain starts to fall.

So, how can you prepare and protect your investment? Reserve a tent, especially since they’re the only back-up at Cypress Grove. Now, before you roll your eyes or tell us about the historical data you pulled up on Google, humor us a bit and peek at out top five tips to consider when reserving a tent. 


Size Matters
The size of the tent should account for the total experience of the wedding. The food, décor, table type, bar, dinner service, and maximum guest count.

The Add-ons
Yes, the costs can add up fast but so can the stress of not preparing for things such as side walls (great for blocking wind and rain), lighting (a must for evening/night time events – market lighting and chandeliers are the most popular for warm lighting), flooring, dance floors, etc. Want some extra flair? Flooring (turf) and liners are always a great show-stopper!

Tent Type
Make sure the type of tent ordered compliments not only your style, but the season as well. A clear tent in summer months = a green house without air-conditioning 🥵 

When to Reserve

NOW. The industry is experiencing an influx in events and weddings. Due to this, dates are selling out faster than normal. Waiting until the month or even the week of to confirm your tent will likely leave you with little availability or having to settle for whatever is left in stock. 

A quick side note:

Your vendors plan for the best and the worst; that’s what makes them the professionals!

Don’t get upset when they ask you what the back-up plan is; they’re not only protecting their team and equipment, but the integrity of your event , too. After all, no one likes soggy food or clothing 😉

Worried about the tent being unappealing? They don’t have to be an eyesore and can actually be a gorgeous addition to the wedding experience. They often times even lend to the comfort of you and your guests {whether it’s to shield from rain and wind or keep heat in during colder months}! 

With a little draping here and there, some floral, and ambiance lighting, you can make a tent look like it was part of the plan from the get-go instead of a last minute back-up option. 

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